The Challenge star Devin Walker explains why his feud with Big Brother competitors started years ago

devin walker on the challenge double agents episode 10
Devin Walker recently shared the reason why his feud with Big Brother was years in the making. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge’s Devin Walker has a very clear agenda on the Double Agents season, as he’s been shown trying to break up the Big Brother alliance.

In several episodes, he has been an instigator able to stir up BB stars Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat, but that has also put a target on his back due to the strength of BB’s alliance.

During a recent podcast, he explained the origin of his big rivalry with the Big Brother stars on The Challenge, and it is quite revealing as it’s been years in the making due to jealousy and frustration.

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Devin revealed he has tried to start an alliance for years

Being part of a strong alliance on The Challenge is a major component of the game, as having numbers can help you get far. In the case of Devin Walker, he hasn’t always had those numbers on his side.

However, he admitted during the Amber Alert episode of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast with Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal that he’s been trying to start an alliance for many seasons. It’s just not working out, though.

“The seed was planted in my first season of The Challenge where there was some new Are You the One? players and it was the second season that Are You the One? had been introduced into the game,” Devin shared.

“First of all, Tori can attest to this. I’ve been trying to have an Are You the One? alliance for five years. I keep pitching it. It keeps getting shut down,” he explained.

Devin added that he’s been trying since Rivals III, and every Challenge season he has done that had anyone from the Are You the One? show. However, it has yet to work out in his favor. So there’s some frustration that he can’t assemble an alliance of his own.

Meanwhile, on Double Agents, a strong Big Brother alliance includes Fessy, Josh, Kaycee Clark, and Amber Borzotra, who have all done well in the game.

Big Brother feud is also “part jealousy” for Devin

When it comes to the social game, Big Brother stars are masters based on the show they originally came from. According to Devin Walker and others, they are master manipulators, and the part of their original show was lying to win money. That helps them immensely when it comes to The Challenge.

“So part of it truthfully- I try to be a good person and have a pretty good self-awareness, honestly, a little bit of it is based in jealousy,” he admitted.

“They come in out of a different show. No one gives them any s**t. No one’s targeting them. No one cares that they’re from a different show,” he explained, adding that Are You the One players were targeted a lot just because they were from a different show.

He went on to say nobody’s doing that same sort of thing to the Big Brother players, and now they have numbers, so they’re ganging up on everyone else.

“I can’t even get one alliance. They got people waiting in line,” Devin joked about competitors wanting to get into the Big Brother alliance.

Devin also added that the casting for The Challenge from “MTV-based shows” versus Big Brother is different. 

“If you watch Big Brother, the show is based on lying and manipulating, and so that’s also why it’s so confusing to me that everyone can’t wait to align themselves with someone from Big Brother,” Devin explained about the rivalry.

“So it’s like part jealousy and part frustration that I’m one of the only people that sees it for what it really is,” he said.

All of that said, it seems Devin has a strong chance of returning for The Challenge. He’s shown himself to be one of the stars of Season 36 and revealed to Aneesa and Tori he’s been working out a bit more in his time away from the show.

Should MTV decide to have another Rivals edition of The Challenge, Devin could even find himself working with one of those savvy Big Brother stars.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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