The Challenge’s Ashley Kelsey says Double Agents star suggested she take pregnancy test

the challenge ashley kelsey reveals double agents star suggested pregnancy test
Ashley Kelsey on The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros spinoff series. Pic credit: MTV

Former Real World and The Challenge star Ashley Marie Kelsey revealed the big news around Christmas that she and boyfriend Kerryon Johnson are expecting their first child together.

The couple shared a gender reveal video on their official Instagram profiles, with fans learning the couple was having a baby girl.

Along with Ashley Kelsey announcing her pregnancy came fan questions, which she recently addressed on her Instagram. That included Ashley revealing that a Double Agents star pushed her to take a pregnancy test.

Ashley Kelsey’s Challenge pal suggested she take a test

It seems that Ashley Kelsey didn’t realize she was pregnant until a good friend she made from MTV’s The Challenge gave her some friendly advice.

A fan asked Ashley on her Instagram Story how she knew to take a pregnancy test when she was pregnant.

That’s when Ashley revealed that it was during her visit with friend Tori Deal in Los Angeles that she was feeling “really nauseous.” Ashley said after telling Tori that, she told her, “maybe you’re pregnant.”

Ashley told Tori she didn’t think so, and Tori told her, “just take a test.” That test came back positive with the big news.

Ashley Kelsey and Tori Deal became good friends from their association with MTV’s The Challenge.

They never competed on a season of The Challenge together, but Ashley was on a Champs vs. Pros spinoff with Tori’s former fiancé, Jordan Wiseley.

That spinoff also included NFL stars Shawne Merriman and Kamerion Wimbley as competitors, with Victor Cruz as host. Also, current Double Agents rookie Lolo Jones was a competitor on the series.

Another fan asked Ashley how she revealed she was pregnant to boyfriend Kerryon Johnson, who currently plays for the NFL’s Detroit Lions.

Ashley said she sent him a picture of the positive pregnancy test from where she was, rather than waiting to do it in person.

“Haha I wanted to do something cute but I can’t keep a secret from him, it makes me feel like I’m lying!” she added.

Ashley worried about COVID but staying safe

Many expecting parents have concerns about having a healthy baby, but the current COVID-19 pandemic adds an increased layer of worry.

Ashley says she worries a lot but believes she and Kerryon are taking precautions and being safe with things.

“Are you worried about catching covid and being pregnant? I’m 11 weeks and petrified!” a fan sent Ashley on her Instagram Story.

“Well first of all I’m worried about everything! Haha,” Ashley replied.

“But yes, I like never leave the house and when I do, mask on, sanitizer, wash my hands everywhere I go! Super paranoid,” she added.

“Luckily Keryron gets tested every day for work so that helps! And I get tested any time I go some where,” she said.

It seems that Ashley Kelsey and Kerryon Johnson are taking all of the necessary precautions as they expect their first child in the new year. Now friends, family, and fans will all be anxiously awaiting to see what they decide upon for their baby girl’s name.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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