The Challenge’s Aneesa explains reason Fessy needed to reveal Double Agents secret power

the challenge aneesa explains why fessy revealed double agents secret power
The Challenge: Double Agents’ Aneesa and Fessy at The Crater to watch another elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

In Season 36 of The Challenge, the winning team of each daily challenge becomes the Double Agents, and with that comes a lot of power in the game.

The Double Agents are safe from elimination. They also get to choose which team they want to send into elimination against whoever the rest of the house voted in.

Everyone in the house votes individually, and they all believed they were casting secret votes. However, the Double Agents also had a secret power. They got to go into a private room and see a screen displaying all the people who were part of the majority vote.

That came in handy in the first few episodes as Aneesa Ferreira and Fessy Shafaat were the Double Agents two times in a row.

Aneesa and Fessy learned about a player’s lie

In the first episode, the game was still unfolding, so Aneesa and Fessy didn’t quite know what to do with the Double Agents’ secret power. However, they wisely kept it to themselves and didn’t tell the rest of the house, even people in their alliances.

They kept it quiet in the second episode as well and learned that Kyle Christie had lied to them about voting for Wes Bergmann.

Due to his lie, Aneesa and Fessy decided to send Kyle into elimination. He earned his Gold Skull after defeating rookie Joseph Allen in Ring of Spies.

After Kyle’s win, he also started to call Fessy a “p****y” for not going in himself to earn a Gold Skull since it was a physical competition.

Later in the episode, Fessy and Kyle were in a room with several other competitors. Fessy revealed that the Double Agents saw how the votes went and that Kyle lied to them.


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Kyle continued to call Fessy a “p****y” after that, but his teammate, Kam Williams, calmed him down. Still, the cat was now out of the bag about the secret power for the most part. It also gave some competitors a look at the fact that Kyle would lie.

Aneesa talks about Fessy revealing the power

In a recent tweet, Fessy explained why he revealed the Double Agents’ secret power, saying it was no longer going to be he and Aneesa as Double Agents. He felt it was wise to let everyone else in on the secret and take away the next winning team’s power.

The next team to win a daily challenge was Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark. They were able to see all the votes for the majority vote, but very briefly.

Fessy’s teammate Aneesa is a co-host of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast with her friend Tori Deal, also from The Challenge: Double Agents.

Around the 12:30 mark of their recent podcast episode, they brought up Fessy revealing the secret power to see votes.

“And the other cool thing is that having Leroy and Kaycee win, I was like ‘OK, this is cool because they’ll know this additional secret.’” Aneesa said.

“When everyone found out, because of Fessy’s big ‘ol mouth…when he dropped the bomb about us knowing about votes, they think we know everyone’s vote, but we only know the majority vote. And that’s also cool because it’s like ‘Oh well, you didn’t vote for me, but I know who you voted for,’” Aneesa added.

“Did you know that Fessy was going to tell everyone that?” Tori asked.

“He wasn’t going to,” Aneesa explained, adding, “but Kyle called him a p****y, so he was like, ‘Let me tell you how I really feel.’”

Aneesa also recalled seeing the recent episode and realizing Cory Wharton was upset that Fessy never told him about the secret power. However, Aneesa mentioned she had already told his teammate at the time, Tori.

Now that the secret is out, it should be interesting to see how teams try to use the power to their advantage as the Double Agents season continues.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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