The Challenge’s Amber M spills details on Ninja Natalie incident and what made her nervous about Double Agents

amber martinez of the challenge on ninja natalie incident and what made her nervous on double agents
Amber M makes her rookie debut on The Challenge: Double Agents season. Pic credit: MTV

In a recent interview, The Challenge: Double Agents rookie Amber M spoke about several topics. They included her reality TV start, coming out as bisexual, dealing with social media issues, and what was toughest on MTV’s competition show.

Amber M of The Challenge also spilled a few interesting details with regard to a Twitter feud that went down involving herself and former competitor, “Ninja” Natalie Duran. Natalie competed on American Ninja Warrior before appearing on both War of the Worlds seasons.

In addition, Amber revealed details on a few things that made her nervous or intimidated to be on the Double Agents season.

Amber M on Double Agents’ social and physical game

On a recent Mike Lewis Podcast episode, former Are You The One? star Amber M stopped by to chat about her previous show and then her upcoming one, The Challenge: Double Agents.

She admits that she had a goal of getting on The Challenge one day because she’s super competitive and enjoyed sports. Amber hadn’t necessarily wanted to do dating shows, but it all ended up working out for her after her Are You The One? appearance.

Amber revealed to Mike she was amongst alternate competitors for Season 35 (Total Madness) but didn’t end up getting a call to be on the show. However, she was selected to participate in Double Agents. She is one of two Ambers on the season, with the other being Amber Borzotra of Big Brother fame.

As far as what was intimidating or made her nervous with Double Agents, Amber mentioned a few things. In particular, she said she was a bit nervous going into The Challenge since she didn’t really know anyone beforehand. She may have said hello on social media here or there, but nothing major.

So that meant she didn’t have a lot of connections going into the social aspect of The Challenge.

Amber also said being so small made her nervous- she’s just 5-foot-1, so it was intimidating being amongst the taller players, including female competitor Lolo Jones.

Amber M. talks about Ninja Natalie incident

Another interesting tidbit came up during Mike’s interview about a previous incident that involved Natalie Duran, aka “Ninja Natalie,” coming to Amber’s place of work.

Apparently, Amber paid The Challenge star compliments for being in such great shape and buff. However, Amber’s later choice of slang on Twitter wasn’t received by Ninja so well.

“I went up to her. I was like, ‘Oh my God. I saw you on The Challenge. You’re super fit. Congratulations for making it so far,'” Amber said, retelling the story about Ninja coming to her work.

“She was like ‘Oh my God thank you so much.’ Super nice, super chill,” Amber added about her and Natalie’s initial meeting.

Amber said she tweeted later on about meeting The Challenge competitor.

“Then after work, I was on Twitter. I was like, ‘I saw Ninja…Ninja came to my job, this b***h is brolic as f**k,’” Amber said about her tweet.

“She [Ninja] didn’t know what the word brolic meant. She thought I was calling her bro-like, I guess like a lesbian or something. I’m like, ‘No girl, brolic. I’m from New York. That means like you’re buff, you know?'” Amber said with regards to what went down.

Ninja apparently didn’t take it as a compliment. According to Amber, Ninja also ended up bringing the issue to Amber M’s managers at her work to “try to get her fired.” However, that didn’t happen. Amber says the managers laughed about it too, not understanding why Natalie was making such a big deal about it.

“I reached out to her, it kinda went back and forth, but it’s, whatever,” Amber added about trying to resolve things with Natalie.

During the Twitter exchange, apparently even Jenny got involved, referring to The Challenge: Total Madness winner, Jennifer West. For reference, the word “brolic” means the same as buff or swole, and Jenny is definitely someone from The Challenge who is in tremendous shape too.

Nonetheless, the incident could set up some future issues between Ninja Natalie and Amber M on The Challenge, should they both appear on a future season of the show. Maybe another Rivals-type season could happen with them as partners?

In the meantime, fans can check out Amber M. on The Challenge: Double Agents, as she makes her rookie debut.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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