The Challenge’s Amber Borzotra reveals why she waited to tell boyfriend Chauncey Palmer about being pregnant

amber borzotra during the challenge ride or dies elimination confessional
Amber Borzotra said she waited several days before revealing to her boyfriend that she was pregnant. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Amber Borzotra revealed she was pregnant months ago on social media and also surprised her castmates with the reveal during MTV’s Ride or Dies reunion.

However, many viewers may not have realized then that she learned about being pregnant while filming The Challenge: World Championship and waited to tell her boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer.

Spoilers will follow in this report, as the exciting news came up during World Championship Episode 8 when Amber was in the spotlight along with several other castmates who’d become ill.

Tristan Phipps and Ben Driebergen were each shown dealing with a brutal illness, with Ben ultimately getting taken away via ambulance to a hospital. Tristan gritted things out, sticking around for the daily challenge with KellyAnne Judd, which they ended up winning.

It was later revealed that Ben was medically unable to continue in the game, leaving Kaycee Clark without a partner. Host TJ Lavin said that meant Kaycee had to leave the show. However, Amber spoke up to reveal she hadn’t been feeling well.

Amber said she would leave the game and asked if Kaycee could take her place with partner Troy Cullen. TJ said he was cool with it, and a new team was formed.

Most castmates probably thought Amber had a similar situation to Ben and Tristan. However, her former teammate Troy was the only one to learn about Amber’s pregnancy, possibly ahead of her boyfriend, Chauncey.

Amber said her World Championship castmate was the first to know about her pregnancy

During World Championship Episode 8, viewers watched Amber and Kaycee hug after TJ allowed Troy to partner with Kaycee.

Amber said farewell to her castmates and exited ahead of their next daily challenge. She then appeared in a dual confessional alongside her then-former teammate Troy.

“I’m so happy I listened to my body, and I have some news,” Amber said.

“I’m pregnant,” she revealed to The Challenge: Australia winner before showing him the two pregnancy tests she took.

“Thank you, Troy,” Amber said, adding, “So you’re the only one that knows.”

Troy seemed caught off guard by the announcement, especially after Amber pulled out two tests to show him. However, it likely shocked viewers who thought Amber’s boyfriend would’ve known about it before Troy.

Amber reveals she waited to tell Chauncey Palmer she was pregnant

Following Paramount Plus’ release of The Challenge: World Championship episode in which Amber learned she was pregnant, she appeared on the Official Challenge Podcast. Co-hosts Aneesa Ferreira and Devyn Simone grilled her about the exciting news, asking if she immediately called Chancey with the information that he would be a father.

Amber said she didn’t do that and waited a long time before sharing the big news with her future baby’s daddy.

“So I didn’t want to tell him until I saw him in person,” Amber shared, adding, “Because this is like my person, and I wanted it to be like one of those moments.”

“It was eating me up. I had to wait like days—a flight, everything, and I was like, ‘I wanna tell him so bad,’” Amber said.

Amber said it was good she had time to process it all before talking to Chauncey, as it was a “huge shock” for her to learn she was pregnant. She also revealed she waited another day after getting home to figure out the best way to present it to her boyfriend.

She said she waited for Chauncey to get home after the gym one day and told him she needed to tell him something, which had him thinking it might be something bad.

“When I told him, his mouth fell to the floor,” Amber revealed of her boyfriend’s reaction.

During her podcast appearance, Amber talked about deciding to leave the World Championship filming, crediting her castmates KellyAnne and Jodi Weatherton for talking to her about what she should do.

While appearing on another castmate’s recent podcast, Johnny Bananas’ Death, Taxes & Bananas, she revealed that she was just eight weeks away from giving birth. Bananas’ podcast may have been recorded recently, or even a week or so ago, so Amber and Chauncey’s baby seems due soon.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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