The Challenge’s Adam Larson blasted by viewers after his All Stars 4 rant about castmate

the challenge star adam larson face shot at the arena in all stars 4
Adam Larson appears in The Challenge: All Stars 4, Episode 10. Pic credit: Paramount+

A recent episode of The Challenge: All Stars 4 featured Adam Larson delivering an expletive-filled rant as he called out the actions of his friend and castmate.

All Stars 4 included the return of several cast members to The Challenge who hadn’t appeared on reality TV in years, including Flora Alekseyeva, Kefla Hare, and Adam.

During their returns, they’re with newer castmates, including show winners Laurel Stucky and Cara Maria Sorbello, and multi-time finalists like Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett.

He reunited with his former Road Rules co-star, Steve Meinke, who returned to All Stars for another attempt at winning the show.

In a recent episode, Adam unleashed his anger toward Steve during a confessional interview after Steve made a strategic move in the game.

However, it appears many viewers weren’t on Adam’s side after his remarks about his castmate.

Cast member returned to All Stars 4 elimination and stole Adam’s Star

In Episode 10 of All Stars 4, everyone without a Star was nervous about how much more time they’d have to win one. When two competitors with Stars finished among the worst performers for the daily challenge, it set up an intriguing vote for the middle-performing player group.

Steve and Leroy were the two Star holders who could get sent into elimination. In addition, Ryan Kehoe, who still needed his Star, was a potential elimination candidate.

Ryan initially seemed ready to earn a Star, but when his friend Jay Mitchell won the daily challenge and called out that he would put himself in, Ryan ultimately backed out.

That left the voting group a relatively easy decision on who to put in the elimination. The majority vote went to Steve and Leroy, leaving it up to Jay to replace someone later at The Arena. He chose to save his friend Leroy based on keeping his word from a previous conversation.

However, the elimination event didn’t go Jay’s way. It involved retrieving colored tubes from the bottom of a tank full of water and being the first to assemble them on color-corresponding poles on The Arena sand.

Jay admitted in a confessional interview that he dealt with color blindness, making the task more challenging for him. Despite a neck-and-neck finish, Steve was able to seize the victory, eliminating Jay from the game.

After the win, Steve got to steal someone else’s Star and give it to a castmate without one. He chose to take Adam’s Star and gave it to Ace Amerson, putting a target on Ace for any guy who wanted to earn a Star.

In his confessional, Steve said he made the move because he didn’t want Derek Chavez or Adam to have a Star after voting him into elimination. He mentioned he didn’t want Ryan to have a Star either since he backed out of going into this recent elimination.

Adam blasted Steve during his confessional interview: ‘You’re dead to me’

After the elimination, Adam was displeased with Steve’s move and let his thoughts fly during a fierce confessional interview rant.

“I feel betrayed. Once again Steve has won another elimination where somebody else is at a significant disadvantage. He’s gonna come out of here thinking he’s some kind of legend, and the stories he will tell will probably be as accurate as the rest of his stories,” Adam said in confessional.

“There’s also a reason that you don’t have any friends in real life and here. I’ll never answer a phone call from you. I will delete every text. You are just so dead to me, man. You’re no longer my number one, but you can sit and spin b***h,” he said, gesturing with his middle finger at the camera.

“F**k, can’t believe I’m even going here,” he said, adding, “Getting f***ing sweaty talking about this a*****e.”

Fans slammed Adam after recent All Stars episode

As of this writing, Adam’s most recent Instagram post had many comments from fans who seemed upset over his remarks about Steve in the recent All-Stars episode.

One commenter wrote how they “loved” Adam after the first episode and thought he’d be “a favorite.”

“These last few though…yuck. Grow up man. Oldest dude there and acting brand new. It’s gross,” the commenter wrote.

“Wait…so you throw Steve into elimination and wonder why he ‘betrays’ you? Make it make sense,” another commenter wrote.

screenshot from instagram as fans react to adam larson all stars 4 rant
Challenge fans weigh in. Pic credit: @dadamlarson/Instagram

“You’re much too old to be talking about people the way you did. #teamSteve,” a commenter told Adam.

“Adam this last episode was not the best for you. Quite disappointing but karma got you,” an individual commented.

In addition to calling out Steve after the elimination, Adam called out their castmate Cara during a podcast interview, which brought backlash from her loyal fans as they root for her to win All Stars 4.

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Adam proving why he’s a b**ch. His poor kids.