The Challenge: Wes Bergmann shares his All Stars 3 poster update, fake Elon Musk tweet about the show

wes bergmann in the challenge all stars 3 promo video
Wes Bergmann appears in The Challenge: All Stars 3 promotional video. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Two-time champion Wes Bergmann returns to reality TV’s The Challenge as part of the All Stars 3 spinoff season. He’ll be part of a cast of 24 individuals who have at least reached a final, won it, or won several seasons.

The reveal of the third season included a video trailer featuring highlights and cast member photos which arrived on social media. In addition, the official poster for the All Stars 3 season arrived online.

Wes made some funny changes to that poster, as only the beloved Challenge star might do. In addition, he poked some fun at some of his Challenge castmates and the recent Elon Musk Twitter purchase.

Wes Bergmann is the only star in updated All Stars 3 poster

The official poster for Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars 3 hit the internet this week. Various social media accounts showed off the poster, which includes several first-time All Stars cast members.

In the middle of the poster, a star features vegetation from Argentina and five of the All Stars 3 cast members. Season 2’s winner Jonna Mannion is on the left side. Syrus Yarbrough, Kailah Casillas, and Darrell Taylor are in the middle, from top to bottom. Weston Bergmann is on the right side of the star in an epic pose.

“Other than Darrell this is a great poster,” Wes joked in his caption, CCing Darrell on it and adding, “BCC: @paramountplus, please replace him with @nehemiahlclark.”

Nehemiah Clark is one of Wes’ castmates from their reality TV debut, MTV’s The Real World: Austin. Their castmate, Melinda Collins, will also be featured in the All Stars 3 cast. Nehemiah was part of the first two seasons of the spinoff. Melinda joined him in Season 2, and they reached the final together.

While Wes’ comment about the original poster is pretty funny, he took it upon himself to share an updated All Stars 3 poster. However, whoever edited it didn’t photoshop in his castmate Nehemiah.

Instead, the two-time Challenge winner has more of himself on the poster so that he is now the only featured competitor in that star.

Below the erupting volcano and the three Wes Bergmanns are 12 castmates, but they’re much smaller, making Wes appear like a beast.

He’ll be one of several stars making their first appearance on an All Stars. Others include Kailah, Cynthia Roberts, Roni Chance Martin, Nia Moore, Jordan Wiseley, and Syliva Elsrode.

Of those cast members, Jordan has won the most championships with three, followed by Wes with two. Darrell, who is back for his third All Stars season, has won four Challenges. However, none of that affects Wes’ self-perceived notion as the top star on the show.

Wes shares fake Elon Musk tweet about The Challenge

Billionaire Elon Musk made headlines this week for purchasing Twitter and plans to make it private, leading many people to speculate what the social media platform will become. Some have wondered if the microblogging platform will fade away once Musk changes it. Others feel he may turn it into an even bigger success.

While Twitter’s fate is still unknown, Wes shared a fake Elon Musk tweet on his Instagram Story that mentioned he was planning to buy MTV’s The Challenge next. The fake Musk tweet also says he won’t invite anyone to The Challenge “who goes after Wes simply because they’re jealous.”

“Damn Elon. There’s not gonna be many people left,” Wes wrote on the slide.

wes bergmann shares fake elon musk tweet
Pic credit: @westonbergmann/Instagram Story

Wes seems to be joking with his comment, although one never knows if he ran into issues with any All Stars 3 castmates. Several are pretty familiar with his gameplay, and he’s had instances with Jordan and Darrell during past seasons of the show.

He mentioned in a promotional video that his previous season on MTV’s show, Double Agents, left him “really, really sour” about The Challenge due to some of the things that went down.

“I am here to restore my faith in humanity- almost as some sort of a happiness rehabilitation center,” Wes said regarding his return for All Stars 3.

Other OGs in the lineup include Mark Long, Derrick Kosinski, the first All Stars season’s winner, Yes Duffy, and Season 2 winners Jonna and MJ Garrett. Those are just a few individuals who could present Wes with some tough competition.

Based on his updated poster, there’s only one major star in the cast of 24 OGs, though.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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