The Challenge: Wes Bergmann reveals injuries he suffered in All Stars 3 competition

the challenge all stars 3 wes bergmann gives confessional
The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann appears in an All Stars 3 confessional interview. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge is known for its intense competitions that can sometimes bring tough injuries for the cast members. The All Stars spinoff is also no joke, as the daily challenges and eliminations can be just as brutal as the main show on MTV.

Injuries have already been showing up and factoring into The Challenge: All Stars Season 3. One competitor bowed out due to theirs, and two others revealed they were dealing with lingering issues.

However, some of the injuries aren’t always apparent to viewers. Two-time champ Wes Bergmann recently revealed two different injuries he suffered early in the game.

This report will contain some spoilers based on the first few episodes of The Challenge: All Stars 3.

Wes Bergmann reveals early All Stars 3 injuries

On Thursday night, Challenge star Wes Bergmann tweeted about several injuries he sustained while competing in the “swing challenge” in All Stars 3, Episode 2.

In that challenge, competitors were sitting up in swings hanging high above the water. Their objective was to swing themselves enough to kick open a box on the other side of the swing set, which would drop a key they needed into the water. From there, competitors dropped into the water, swam the key to shore, opened a box with puzzle pieces, and had to solve a puzzle as fast as they could.

Despite Wes winning the daily challenge in the first episode of All Stars 3, he struggled with the swing challenge in Episode 2. He was in a men’s round with four other competitors. Three of the competitors were able to get their keys and swim to shore.

Meanwhile, Wes and Laterrian kept swinging and could not get the proper momentum to kick open their box with the key inside. Luckily for Wes, Laterrian ended up doing worse than him at the puzzle and came in last place.

Based on tweets Wes shared on his IG Story (below), he tore his bicep during that daily challenge and couldn’t bend his elbow. Wes says he hid the injury for a few days, thinking he might get sent home.

In addition, he says he chipped a tooth in the back of his mouth, requiring a visit to a dentist for a “temporary fix” because the chipped tooth was cutting his tongue badly.

wes bergmann posts ig story about all stars 3 injuries
Pic credit: @westonbergmann/Instagram

Other injuries have popped up, one teased in trailer

While Wes lucked out and was able to stick around in the first few episodes, one of his good friends wasn’t so fortunate. In Episode 2, his Real World: Austin castmate, Melinda Collins, revealed that the ankle she rolled during the All Stars 2 final was back to haunt her.

She ended up getting voted into the elimination against Tina Bridges, which would have set up a rematch from All Stars 2. However, host TJ Lavin asked Melinda why she hobbled down to the ground level at The Arena. That’s when she revealed the All Stars 2 final injured her ankle, and it was acting up again, so she would have to bow out.

Melinda was one of several apparent injuries on The Challenge: All Stars 3. MJ Garrett was visibly wearing a knee brace during an early episode. In addition, Tyler Duckworth shared during a confessional in Episode 1 that he was also dealing with lingering injury issues from All Stars 2. That included broken ribs and a fractured right wrist.

That led to Challenge superfan GamerVev tweeting about how those cast members got cleared to compete if they had these injury issues.

Melinda commented on her situation, saying she “was healing nicely and medically cleared” until her ankle hit the water after dropping in the swing challenge.

“Can’t predict that would’ve happened,” Melinda said in her tweet.

the challenge all stars 3 melinda collins comments on injury
Pic credit: @MelindastolpMTV/Twitter

In addition to those three injuries mentioned above, at least one other brutal injury may happen during the season. The new All Stars 3 trailer shows one competitor being taken away via stretcher, possibly from an elimination event at The Arena.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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