The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 2 recap: Elimination rematches set up as rivals emerge

the challenge all stars 3 cast members in episode 2
Some of The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast members arrive for their daily challenge in Episode 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 2 opened with cast members back at the house enjoying the pool after the first elimination. That event was Crawl Brawl and featured Tina Bridges defeating Cynthia Roberts and Syrus Yarbrough defeating Tyler Duckworth.

During confessionals, Tina said her biggest allies in the house are her friends Veronica Portillo and Melinda Collins, but things change quickly in the game. Syrus talked about how everyone’s wondering who will get sabotaged at the next daily event.

Melinda said she was happy to be in the game with her Real World castmate Wes Bergmann again but was scared Wes had a target on his back and that could hurt her.

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Wes and Sylvia Elsrode discussed who to use their Sabotage power against with castmates Kailah Casillas, Veronica, and Jemmye Carroll. They mentioned they could use it against KellyAnne Judd or Kendal Sheppard.

Mark Long called home to check on his mom, who is fighting Stage 4 cancer. He said it makes his mom happy seeing him compete and motivates her to keep fighting, which motivates him to compete harder in the game.

Melinda revealed during a confessional that she rolled her ankle four times during the All Stars 2 final. She woke up in Episode 3 worried about her ankle hurting again and told Tina about it.

Competitors battle in the Out of Reach challenge

TJ Lavin revealed the second daily challenge, called Out of Reach. They had to solve a puzzle, but the pieces were locked inside a box onshore. The key to the box was suspended 35 feet in the air over the water on the side of a giant swing set.

Competitors started in swings hanging on the apparatus. They had to swing themselves high enough to kick a ball with the key inside into the water. From there, they dropped into the water and had to swim the key to shore, unlock their box of pieces, and solve the puzzle.

The competitors who were unable to swing to get their key in the time limit, would automatically drop into the water. They’d still get to go solve the puzzle but would possibly finish last. The fastest man and woman to solve the puzzle became the winners. The day’s losers would go into elimination automatically.

TJ asked Sylvia and Wes who they wanted to sabotage since they won the previous daily challenge. Sylvia chose the player who finished second to her in the last challenge, KellyAnne. Wes chose Jordan Wiseley, saying it was “in honor of National Best Friends Day.”

The first men’s heat went and Derrick Kosinski knocked his key off the swing first, followed by Jordan. Derrick said he’s motivated to win All Stars since he’s got a wedding coming up with a lot of bills plus his kid to pay for. Jordan had to wait a minute due to the sabotage before starting.

Wes struggled on the swinging part as other competitors were doing their puzzles. He and Laterrian Wallace got dropped into the water after 20 minutes of swinging.

jordan wiseley solves puzzle for the challenge all stars 3 episode 2
Jordan Wiseley solves his puzzle during the All Stars 3, Episode 2 daily challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

Jonna Mannion was the first to knock her key down for the women’s first heat. KellyAnne was next. Since she was sabotaged, she had to wait a minute to start her puzzle. Jonna completed it first. Jemmye, Nia Moore, Melinda, and Sylvia were dropped into the water after the 20-minute limit.

KellyAnne and Jemmye struggled to figure out their puzzles, with KellyAnne throwing a fit over hers and finishing last for the heat.

The second men’s heat was Yes Duffy, MJ Garrett, Darrell Taylor, Brad Fiorenza, and Syrus Yarbrough. Yes completed his puzzle first. Wes said in confessional that Yes comes off as “pompous” and is fooling others with his nice guy act.

The second women’s heat featured Tina, Kendal, Roni Chance, Kailah, and Veronica. Tina ended up falling forward on the swing and becoming disqualified. Kendal won the heat, followed by Kailah. Roni and Veronica got penalties.

After everyone finished the event, TJ revealed that the daily winners were Yes and Kendal. The Authority featured Yes, Kendal, Jordan, Jonna, Brad, and Kailah. Laterrian and Tina were automatically going into the elimination as the worst performers in the daily challenge.

The Authority decides on elimination opponents

The cast enjoyed a night out at a bar in Panama. Tina went over to talk with Jonna and seemed to issue a threat towards The Authority not to send in her friends Melinda or Veronica. Meanwhile, Laterrian said in his confessional he didn’t want to go against his friends Nehemiah, Syrus, or Darrell.

Jemmye and Kailah talked to Jonna about not letting Tina intimidate her since she had lost the daily event.

The Authority members met to discuss who to send into elimination. Kailah suggested her castmates say names of who they didn’t want to put in, so they each went around and gave some names. She said she didn’t want Sylvia to go in. Kendal said she wouldn’t send in KellyAnne.

Yes said Jemmye and Derrick are his people, so he wouldn’t put them in. Jordan said he would want to save Nia. Brad said he wanted to “throw Wes a break.”

They ended up with several people who weren’t named as safe, including Roni, Veronica, Melinda, Mark, Nehemiah, and Syrus. Brad didn’t want to vote for Mark because he felt he’d been performing well in the game.

Kailah brought up how Wes, Nehemiah, and Melinda were all from the same Real World season, so they’d have each other’s backs over anyone else. Yes suggested Wes go into elimination.

Ultimately, The Authority selected Melinda and Mark to go against Tina and Laterrian. Mark was shocked by going in this soon, and Tina was upset by the decision to put her friend against her.

Who went home from the second elimination?

Laterrian, Tina, Mark, and Melinda joined TJ down on the ground level of The Arena. It was Tina against Melinda supposed to go first. However, TJ pointed out Melinda was hobbling. She said she was choosing not to compete tonight due to her ankle injury from the All Stars 2 final. That gave Tina the automatic win.

TJ told Tina she could choose anyone she wanted because they needed an elimination tonight. Other cast members looked shook until TJ said he was kidding, and everyone laughed over it.

He revealed that Mark and Laterrian were competing in Lights Out. It involved a giant beam of light shooting into the sky from a box with a red button on it. The two competitors were tethered to opposite sides of a large pole that rotated in the middle of The Arena.

The objective was to use all their might and strength to pull the pole and get themselves over to that red button to be the first to press it and shut off the light.

mark long and laterrian wallace in the challenge all stars 3 elimination
The Challenge OGs Mark Long and Laterrian Wallace face off in the Lights Out elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

The two guys weren’t budging much for about 30 minutes, but Mark eventually seized an opportunity and started moving forward while Laterrian remained stuck in the sand. Mark said in his confessional that thinking about his mom’s battle with cancer was motivating him to push himself harder.

Around 45 minutes in, Laterrian started dry heaving. Cast members noticed Mark was close to the button, but struggling to reach it. Someone suggested LT start running the opposite way fast. He gave it a try, and it looked like it might work, but Mark eventually reached over to push the button and won.

After the event, LT joked with Mark he didn’t want to compete against him anymore. Tina earned her third star, while Mark now has two stars. That gives them more power, but the cast members still didn’t know what that meant.

After the elimination event, TJ and the cast bid farewell to Laterrian and Melinda. He told the remaining competitors that the game would only get harder from there.

Meanwhile, The Godfather was fired up and said he was headed back into the house with revenge on his mind.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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