The Challenge’s Laterrian Wallace says he’s retired, was having nightmares after All Stars 2 season

laterrian wallace during the challenge all stars 2 season
Laterrian Wallace revealed that he’s hanging up his Challenge gear after his recent All Stars seasons. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars spinoff has been a fun trip down memory lane for many former cast members of Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat, allowing them to compete in a shortened, updated version of MTV’s game.

It’s allowed cast members to show what they’ve got years later, including Laterrian Wallace. However, Laterrian said that his recent All Stars spinoff seasons would be his last appearances on the show.

The former Road Rules star recently revealed he’s now retired, also adding he had nightmares about one of his All Stars castmates.

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Laterrian Wallace says he’s retired, had nightmares after All Stars 2

At age 44, Laterrian Wallace showed The Challenge fans he’s a beast during his return on All Stars and then again on All Stars 2. He didn’t reach the final in either season but won several physical eliminations and a few dailies.

It seemed with a third season on the way and more possible that he has all the makings of an All Stars champion. However, during his time as a guest on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, he indicated he’s hanging up his gear.

After talking about his success in Pole Wrestle, Laterrian said he’d love to try a Hall Brawl. Podcast co-hosts Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira brought up other physical eliminations, with Aneesa remembering one she lost to Laurel Stucky. She said Laterrian and Laurel would make a great team if they were on the same show.

“Oh, I’m retired, Aneesa. I’m done, honey,” Laterrian said, bringing a sad reaction from Aneesa.

Laterrian went on to say after The Challenge: All Stars 2, he was having nightmares, and it was messing with him mentally. One of his dreams even involved a castmate.

“It’s crazy because like the competitor in me, right? And this is more so after Season 2 than Season 1. I literally was having like nightmares and stuff. It was messing with me mentally, like being there and then coming home. And although MJ [Garrett] and I are very cool now and friends, I literally woke up from a nightmare punching my pillow thinking it was MJ and it was just from a dream,” he said on the podcast.

He said he’s not sure if he needs therapy but that he felt it’s time to hang up his “Challenge shoes” and do something else in his life now.

Laterrian explained that even though it’s a game, it messes with him to have to vote against a friend or not be part of an alliance with friends. In addition, he admitted that not making a final in either All Stars season eats away at the competitor in him.

Laterrian’s MTV Challenge career included three seasons

For Laterrian, his MTV career began with Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour in 2000, where his castmates included Holly Brentson, James Orlando, Kathryn Omeg, Msaada Nia, and Theo von Kurnatowski. Laterrian and Theo went on to MTV’s The Challenge, with Theo among the winners on two seasons.

Laterrian’s first season was the Extreme Challenge in 2001, and the season featured a Real World team against a Road Rules team. LT reached the finals as part of the Road Rules team, but Real World captured the win.

He’d return for The Challenge’s Battle of the Sexes, and his final regular-season appearance for MTV’s series was The Gauntlet.

Fast forward to 2021, and epic spinoff show, The Challenge: All Stars arrived on Paramount Plus. LT was one of the OG cast members appearing on the show, along with other favorites like Mark Long, Trishelle Canatella, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Arissa Hill, Kendall Darnell, and Syrus Yarbrough.

LT went into elimination in the premiere episode, taking on Ace Amerson in a Pole Wrestle. He smashed it, literally, as he had the “plunger” highlight, which sent his castmate home with some broken ribs.

While Laterrian was a force to be reckoned with in the daily challenges, he ended up falling in the Episode 6 elimination after Katie Cooley selected him as her partner to go against Mark Long and Kendall Sheppard.

LT returned for All Stars 2 and again looked on pace to get to a final. He had yet another Pole Wrestle elimination, this time sending home castmate Tyler Duckworth in Episode 6. Laterrian was also in the King’s Palace alliance alongside Nehemiah Clark, Teck Holmes, and Melinda Stolp.

A mid-season twist put cast members into pairs, with Laterrian teaming up with Kendal for an episode. Since Kendal had to leave due to a medical disqualification, Laterrian ended up with Jasmine Reynaud as his new teammate.

In All Stars 2, Episode 8, Laterrian and Jasmine were forced to face their friends Melinda and Nehemiah in elimination. The Real World: Austin castmates sent them home, ending LT’s chance at a final.

While Laterrian Wallace leaves without winning The Challenge or its All Stars spinoff, he’s making the right move for his mental health, as he looks to do other things in his life and not let the competition series mess with him anymore.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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