The Challenge: USA, Episode 5 sneak peek shows team penalized during daily challenge

danny mccray during the challenge usa episode 5
Danny McCray in The Challenge: USA, Episode 5. Pic credit: CBS

At least one pair of competitors will struggle when another daily event featuring water arrives in The Challenge: USA, Episode 5.

Preview footage dropped ahead of the episode’s debut on CBS, showing some of the teams competing in the latest daily challenge.

Among them, former Survivor winner Tyson Apostol gets paired up with a castmate who appears to be a liability based on their difficulty with one aspect of the event.

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Love Island’s Cashay Proudfoot will get randomly teamed with Tyson, giving him yet another individual from the CBS reality TV show based on romantic relationships.

Based on the sneak peek video clip, Cash struggles with swimming and will need Tyson’s help to get back and forth in the water. Luckily for her, teammates get to venture out in the water together rather than separately.

However, another part of the clip shows that Cash makes a critical mistake once she and Tyson are back at the dock area, resulting in a penalty.

Watch the sneak peek below via YouTube ahead of Episode 5 of The Challenge: USA.

The Challenge: USA - In Tyson We Trust (Sneak Peek)

Cashay’s situation with ex also part of Episode 5

The above clip is the latest to give viewers a sneak peek ahead of Episode 5. Another preview may have given some early insight into drama that could unfold amongst castmates.

On Tuesday, The Challenge dropped a one-minute clip featuring Cashay as she discusses her issues co-existing with ex-boyfriend Cinco Holland in The Challenge house.

Based on the clip, Cashay is having difficulty with seeing Cinco flirt with other women in the house. She also mentions trying not to talk to him for a few days, but that was difficult for her too.

Cinco admits in a confessional he wasn’t worrying about Cashay so much when he signed up for The Challenge because he wanted to focus on the competition.

As of Episode 4, neither Cash nor Cinco is eligible to run TJ Lavin’s final, as they need to get to $5,000 in their bank accounts to qualify. The two Love Island stars are still at $1,000.

Love Island group keeps shrinking

With the running theme of Love Island stars having issues in mind, they will need to stay on the same page. Heading into Episode 5, they’ve seen their numbers diminish, with Cely Vazquez and Javonny Vega eliminated in the first episode.

Cashel Barnett was eliminated in Episode 2, making it three Love Island stars sent home. That left the group with just Kyra Green, Shannon St. Clair, Justine Ndiba, Cashay, and Cinco.

Meanwhile, Survivor has been mostly strong, although they’ve seen Tasha Fox and Shan Smith eliminated. Big Brother has seen Tiffany Mitchell and Xavier Prather get ousted, while Amazing Race has lost James Wallington.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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