The Challenge: USA, Episode 2 sneak peek reveals Yeah Buoy daily challenge

james wallington in the challenge usa
The Challenge: USA’s James Wallington competes in the Yeah Buoy challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

With The Challenge: USA, Episode 2, competitors will once again be vying to win money for their personal bank accounts, as they’ll need $5,000 to qualify for TJ Lavin’s final.

Two cast members are already on their way to the final, although they’ll need to survive the rest of the season to get there. Meanwhile, 20-plus castmates want to get there as well.

A preview for Episode 2’s daily challenge called Yeah Buoy reveals what the competitors will need to do if they want to be the next ones to have qualified for TJ’s final.

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The Challenge: USA, Episode 2 preview footage arrives

Stars from CBS’ Big Brother, Love Island, Survivor, and The Amazing Race are competing in the spinoff show, The Challenge: USA. A second episode is set to arrive, featuring another daily challenge, two winners, two losing players, and an elimination event.

Some new sneak peek footage was revealed for Episode 2 via The Challenge Instagram on Tuesday. In the clip, host TJ Lavin shares details of Yeah Buoy, the group’s next daily challenge.

Like their first daily event, there will be teams of one man and one woman, with two teams going in each heat. Competitors will have to climb up to a platform and then jump onto a buoy, aka a ball of tires, hanging over the water. They’ll need to retrieve up to five letters from inside the tires.

Then, they’ll drop into the water and swim to shore to place their letters on a board. Their objective is to make as many words as possible in 20 minutes.

The team that gets the most words in that 20 minutes will become the daily challenge winners. The team that performs worst is automatically going into Episode 2’s elimination.

In the preview, TJ drops one more thing on everyone before they get started: Those hanging buoys will be spinning as they try to jump onto them.

One team is qualified, twist arrived for competitors

In The Challenge: USA, Episode 1, one team stood tall in the opening challenge, Down to do the Math. Survivor winner Tyson Apostol and former Big Brother player Angela Rummans formed a powerful duo that bested their castmates, including runner-up team Cinco Holland and Desi Williams.

With the win, Tyson and Angela won $5,000 each for their bank accounts, which qualified them for TJ Lavin’s final. They were also safe from elimination and selected one team to face the daily challenge losers, Kyland Young and Azah Awasum.

Tyson and Angela ultimately chose the team of Cely Vazquez and Javonny Vega after James Wallington did some serious politicking for himself and Shannon St. Clair. In the Knot so Fast elimination, it was Kyland and Azah coming up with the win, sending the Love Island duo home.

That gave Kyland and Azah another $1,000 each for their bank accounts, bringing them to $2,000 of their required $5,000. Meanwhile, Tyson and Angela soon learned they wouldn’t be teammates again, or at least anytime soon.

TJ revealed one of his famous Challenge twists as she unveiled the Algorithm randomizer, a board featuring all of the cast members’ names and flashing lights. The Challenge: The USA host informed the cast that they’d get a new partner for each episode so they’d never have the same partner twice.

Once that was no longer possible, they’d never have the same partner twice in a row, thanks to this new feature in the game. With that, it may have leveled the playing field a bit more, as competitors will need to work with a different individual each time to survive the season.

The ultimate goal is reaching TJ’s final, where there will be $500,000 on the line, and the winners will move on to The Challenge: War of the Worlds, an international tournament to crown the first-ever Challenge World Champions.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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