The Challenge: USA 2 trailer teases showmances and intense eliminations during competition

tj lavin in the challenge usa 2 trailer from cbs
TJ Lavin appears in The Challenge: USA 2 trailer. Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

The reality TV crossover, The Challenge: USA 2, will feature stars from MTV’s competition series as they try to align with and outwit CBS reality TV stars.

They’ll include cast members from Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Survivor, thrust into the intense battle known as The Challenge, albeit in spinoff form.

Ahead of the show’s CBS premiere, a trailer arrived to give fans things to speculate about the upcoming season.

That included a glimpse of at least one showmance and a popular elimination event that got revised, presumably to make it safer.

Daily challenges and potential drama are also under the spotlight, including a heated Big Brother player during one scene.

Throughout the trailer, longtime show host TJ Lavin hyped up the reality TV series’ physical and strategic aspects, with one man and one woman collecting $250,000 each.

The Challenge: USA 2 trailer drops on CBS

On Wednesday evening, a nearly two-minute trailer advertising CBS’ The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff show arrived. It features the cast of competitors for the upcoming season, including seven-time MTV Challenge winner Johnny Bananas, Big Brother winner Josh Martinez and Survivor winner Michele Fitzgerald.

Josh and Michele are no strangers to MTV’s competition series, having appeared in multiple seasons. However, some of the newer CBS stars are rookies in the game.

Early in the trailer, viewers see some scenery from The Challenge: USA 2’s filming location, with overhead shots of a giant stadium and a yacht in the ocean. Audio clips play over the footage from various competitors, including talk about the nature of the game and how it differs from Big Brother.

TJ introduced the return of “the most competitive and cutthroat game on television,” which “takes being athletic and strategizing but also ruthless and risky moves in order to win.”

Shortly after TJ’s breakdown and footage of daily challenges, a quick scene shows BB alum Tyler Crispen and Alyssa Snider kissing, further confirming their USA 2 showmance.

Right after, Tori Deal is seen cozying up with a castmate in a bed, although his face is hidden during the camera view. It could be Survivor’s Sebastian Noel, who hinted at a showmance with Tori in a previous USA 2 trailer.

USA 2 to feature drama and intense competitions

The latest trailer didn’t just give fans a preview of potential hookups or showmances. It also had a good bit of drama and competition in the footage.

That included a scene of Big Brother and Challenge alum Josh telling someone, “I’ve done nothing but have your back in this game.”

Immediately after, Tiffany is shown, possibly on the ground level at the elimination venue, yelling, “Then get yo a** down here and play.”

Footage later in the trailer brings back the fan-favorite elimination event, Hall Brawl. However, it shows two competitors holding large pads to use as they collide head-on.

Viewers saw modifications to the event in the recent MTV Ride or Dies season and the spinoff, The Challenge: World Championship, suggesting that competitor safety has become a priority.

TJ mentions that competitors from Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race will “face off in the biggest, craziest, and riskiest challenges” but that they don’t know that six of the biggest MTV Challengers will also be part of the competition.

Along with Bananas and Tori, they include Amanda Garcia, Jonna Mannion, Wes Bergmann, and Cory Wharton.

The grand prize is $250,000 apiece for two winners. That arrives at the end of the season for the man and woman who win TJ’s final for The Challenge: USA 2.

With MTV stars added to CBS’ spinoff, it could help bring more viewers to the show, improving upon the franchise and the first spinoff season’s success.

The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10, at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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