The Challenge: USA 2 spoilers: Who goes home in the Episode 4 elimination?

johnny bananas at the arena in the challenge usa 2
Will Johnny Bananas make the right decision in Episode 4 of The Challenge: USA 2? Pic credit: Paramount+

A big decision looms in Episode 4 of The Challenge: USA 2, as viewers saw a cliffhanger to end the previous installment.

After Johnny Bananas defeated his former rival, Paulie Calafiore, in an all-Red Team elimination, TJ Lavin asked him to decide whether to defect to another team or stay loyal to Red.

Bananas’ choice could impact the game’s direction as he looks to avoid getting put into a potential elimination for a second-straight time.

He’s already shown his ability to defeat tough competitors at The Arena, and now he could force his biggest opponents in the game to backtrack on their strategy.

Viewers will see whether Bananas or someone else has to leave the show in the fourth episode, set to air on August 20.

This report will contain spoilers for the upcoming elimination situation and USA 2 season.

USA 2’s footage and synopsis reveal who could be up for elimination

The fourth episode of USA 2 is called Double Crossed and Sideswiped, although it’s unclear who or what that title refers to. It could be about the daily challenge and the moves made in the game.

“A shocking double elimination leaves the challengers scrambling to win a high-stakes, adrenaline filled semitruck challenge to ensure their survival in the game,” an IMDb synopsis for the episode says.

An early preview of the upcoming daily challenge arrived via The Challenge’s social media. It shows competitors on harnesses as they swing between two moving semi-trucks. The objective is to take colored discs from the side of one truck and swing across to place them on the other truck.

As fans see in the footage, Josh Martinez from the Red Team and Amanda Garcia from the Green Team make costly mistakes. Each drops some of the discs they need to place on the other truck.

“Once again, I screwed up,” Amanda says in a confessional regarding her performance on the Green Team.

Those mistakes might have both of these competitors up for potential elimination when it comes to castmates voting.

Who will go home in Episode 4 of The Challenge spinoff?

Online spoilers arrived as The Challenge: USA 2 was filmed in Croatia and showed what seemed to be the elimination order as they happened.

According to the online spoilers, a double elimination is coming up, as the synopsis indicated. It’s unknown if both will occur in Episode 4 or if they will leave fans with another cliffhanger until Episode 5.

However, the next two eliminated players seem known. Unfortunately for fans of Amanda’s drama and entertainment, it appears she will be the next MTV vet headed home. Her teammate, Desi Williams, eliminates her in the classic event, Pole Wrestle.

Thankfully for the MTV stars, a rookie will also get sent home. Based on the Vevmo forum’s spoilers, the Amazing Race’s Luis Colon seems to get eliminated too. He’ll lose to fellow rookie Chris Underwood, which could also be via Pole Wretle.

While the MTV vets technically lose one of their players, many fans might describe her as a loose cannon and someone who has been costing her team in the daily challenges. Additionally, these elimination spoilers seem to suggest that the vets are attempting to weaken the Green Team, which has been part of the early alliance taking shots at them.

Viewers will see how it all unfolds when Episode 4 premieres on Sunday, August 20.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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