The Challenge: USA 2 spoilers: Who goes home from Episode 12 elimination?

the challenge usa 2 star josh martinez appears in confessional
Josh Martinez from The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: USA 2 is moving quickly towards its finale, where competitors will battle it out in the final to become champions.

Two winners will be decided in the final, with those individuals also claiming $250,000 in prize money as their reward.

As of this writing, USA 2’s Episode 12 is the next to air, with another elimination expected toward the end of the show.

Episode 11 featured a men’s elimination, with Survivor’s Chris Underwood sending Big Brother’s Tyler Crispen home from the show.

That trimmed the cast down a bit more, with just 11 competitors left in the game and the final approaching.

However, it’s unclear how many additional episodes remain for USA 2, including the show’s final, meaning there could be some twists and extra eliminations along the way.

Survivor women have concerns with an ally in USA 2 preview

The Challenge released new footage ahead of Episode 2 of USA 2, featuring the Survivor stars discussing the game and their depleted trust in a castmate.

“I came into this game playing half with the vets, half with Survivor, and not really knowing…I don’t know, I made a decision based on my interests and voted for Chris,” Michele Fitzgerald told the other Survivor women.

The initial plan was to make it a women’s elimination and vote Tori Deal into The Arena. Still, Michele deviated from the strategy that her allies thought she followed.

Chanelle Howell told her castmate she wanted to trust her in the game, “but there’s just so many lies.” She proceeded to call her out for “the sketchiest, shadiest move” she’d ever seen.

Desi Willaims echoed the sentiments that Michele did not follow their plan in a confessional clip shown during the preview footage.

“I want nothing more than Michele to get all of the karma that’s coming her way,” Chanelle says at the end of the preview clip.

That could be a bad sign for the Survivor star, who has also transitioned into a returning star on MTV’s competition series with two seasons on her resume and another on the way.

Who goes home in Episode 12 of The Challenge: USA 2?

The clip above seems to foreshadow Episode 12’s elimination for USA 2. Based on details at the Vevmo forum, spoilers indicate Michele could be going home from The Arena.

The spoilers also reveal that her opponent is fellow Survivor star Cassidy Clark, who has been thrown into elimination several times by castmates and expressed her frustration in a recent episode.

Michele was shown crying in the spectator stands about deciding to betray a friend and potential ally.

It’s unknown what event Michele and Cassidy will compete in, but there have been some exciting eliminations during the spinoff season. Viewers have not seen a Hall Brawl like Season 1, although the classic Pole Wrestle has been featured in USA 2.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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