The Challenge stars Wes Bergmann and Nehemiah Clark taunt Survivor star Tyson Apostol over pickleball

wes bergmann in the challenge all stars 3
Wes Bergmann sent some trash talk to The Challenge: USA’s Tyson Apostol. Pic credit: Paramount+

Wes Bergmann and his friend Nehemiah Clark are known for their long-lasting friendship, which began with their season of MTV’s The Real World: Austin and continued to The Challenge: All Stars spinoff.

The duo recently took the opportunity to have some fun online as they trolled fellow reality TV star Tyson Apostol regarding his skills as a pickleball player.

Wes has accomplished a lot in his Challenge career but recently took to his Instagram to share a post boasting of his abilities in the sport, which has been rising in popularity.

In a photo, the All Stars 3 champ is standing next to Nehemiah on a pickleball court, with each of them holding paddles in hand. Behind them is a wall with the words “You Just Got Served” above several windows where spectators can watch the pickleball action.

“The two best pickleball players in reality TV. No one, and I repeat, no one is better than us,” Wes wrote in part of the caption.

He went on to hype up a location in Overland Park, Kansas, which he tagged in his caption and said it featured “a variety of food concepts, pristine courts, and great staff.”

“To say I am impressed is an understatement,” Wes concluded his caption.

Tyson Apostol reacts to Wes’ pickleball post

Wes’ Instagram post collected comments from several individuals involved in The Challenge, including Nehemiah and Hunter Barfield, as they reacted to the taunt.

“Wes and Nehemiah vs EVERYONE,” wrote Nehemiah to throw down a challenge for all pickleball players.

“Give me any partner @westonbergmann you’ll lose,” Hunter said in trash-talking his former Challenge castmate.

Wes had tagged Survivor’s Tyson in his original post, and it appears the Survivor star got the message, although he playfully responded, “What is pickleball?”

survivor star tyson apostol comments wes bergmann ig post
Pic credit: @westonbergmann/Instagram

Survivor star has passion for pickleball

Wes’ taunting of Tyson comes due to the Survivor star often showing his love for pickleball, a sport he’s a major proponent of and plays regularly.

He recently shared an Instagram video that showed him coaching his daughter on how to swing, demonstrating a backhand technique in the clip.

“New mixed doubles pickleball partner!” he said in his caption, possibly suggesting they could battle Nehemiah and Wes.

At Tyson’s official website, he promotes the game and some of his favorite equipment, including Gamma Sports’ pickleball paddles. Additionally, Tyson co-hosts the Inside Major League Pickleball podcast along with Casey Patterson and Michelle MacMahon.

It’s considered the official podcast for Major League Pickleball, and who better to represent it than the Survivor star, who is likely the best in reality TV to play the sport, despite Wes bragging about his own skills.

Wes still has the edge when it comes to reality TV wins, including two championships on MTV’s The Challenge and one on Paramount Plus’ All Stars spinoff. While Tyson won Survivor, he was unsuccessful in his attempt to win The Challenge: USA, as he was among several finalists who got disqualified at a sudoku puzzle checkpoint just before the finish.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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