The Challenge star Cory Wharton fires back at fans for criticizing him: ‘Let me be me’

cory wharton takes aim at fans criticizing him
The Challenge star Cory Wharton seemed to take aim at fans criticizing him in a recent message he posted. Pic credit: MTV

Cory Wharton of The Challenge recently fired off a message to fans in which he suggested they let him live his life in the way he chooses to.

While he didn’t specifically state what he was referring to, many fans seemed to react to Cory’s message, believing that it has to do with him attending the Spies, Lies & Allies reunion.

The multiple-time finalist on MTV’s reality competition show previously indicated he could not go due to his vaccination status in a since-deleted tweet a few weeks ago.

Cory Wharton fires off message towards fans

On Friday, October 1, Cory Wharton posted a message on his official Twitter page where he has over 183,000 followers, as of this report.

In the message, he seems to be calling out fans for their reactions to things he does in his life and posts about on social media.

“Y’all really are sensitive uh??? If I breathe wrong y’all let me know like dammmm let me be me s*****t,” Cory tweeted.

cory wharton tweets to fans let me be me
Pic credit: @CoryWharton/Twitter

Several weeks ago, Monsters & Critics reported on Cory’s since-deleted tweet where he indicated he would be unable to attend The Challenge Season 37 reunion.

Cory indicated it was due to his vaccination status and suggested that they were “strong-arming” people to get vaccinated.

The reunion is rumored to take place in the Netherlands at the end of October. Based on the country’s travel requirements, travelers from other countries need proof of vaccination to enter. In addition, travelers from high-risk countries need to show a negative COVID-19 test.

Fans react to Cory’s latest tweet, vaccine status

While Cory didn’t indicate that his tweet was about people calling out his vaccination status, many fans replied to him with that in mind.

One fan reminded Cory he has the right to choose to get or not get the vaccine, but those in charge of the reunion, or the country it’s in, also have a right to set their rules for who can be there.

challenge fan replies cory wharton tweet
Pic credit: @CoryWharton/Twitter

Another individual responding to Cory’s tweet suggested he should just get vaccinated.

the challenge fan reacts to cory wharton tweet
Pic credit: @CoryWharton/Twitter

Someone else reminded Cory that since he’s a reality TV star seen nationally, he will always have his share of critics but should keep being himself and not take things personally.

challenge fan replies to cory wharton cryptic tweet
Pic credit: @CoryWharton/Twitter

Lastly, one individual joked with Cory that even if The Challenge made him solve a puzzle to get into the reunion, he still wouldn’t be able to attend.

challenge fan tweets to cory wharton about puzzles
Pic credit: @CoryWharton/Twitter

With The Challenge Season 37, Cory is on his ninth season of the show since originally debuting on Battle of the Bloodlines in 2015.

The former Real World: X-Plosion star has reached four finals on The Challenge, including a second-place finish with Kam Williams on Double Agents earlier this year.

He’s mentioned his love of appearing on MTV’s reality competition series but said Double Agents took a toll on him being away from his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge and daughters, Ryder and Mila. He also mentioned he might take a break for a season or two.

While he won’t be at the Season 37 reunion in person, Cory has been featured on episodes of MTV’s The Challenge: Aftermath show for Spies, Lies & Allies. The episodes were filmed in-studio in New York City with certain cast members from other countries appearing via Zoom.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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