The Challenge star apologizes to Lolo Jones after Double Agents incident, reveals advice she gave her

lolo jones during the challenge double agents all brawl event
Lolo Jones took exception to her castmate’s physical gameplay during All Brawl on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents season is in the books, and competitors were able to reflect back on what went down through the recent reunion.

That included discussion of some of the biggest highlights from Season 36 in terms of the drama, and skipping over other matters that came up with cast members.

For example, the reunion featured brief discussion of veteran competitor Theresa Jones and rookie Lolo Jones, both of whom were involved in a few big stories during the season. The reunion touched upon Lolo calling out one of her castmates during a daily challenge for how they may have been a bit too rough.

Double Agents Episode 8 featured intense incident

While Lolo Jones’ exit from Double Agent wasn’t covered on the reunion episodes, her going off during a daily challenge was addressed, even with Lolo not at the show.

Basically, an incident occurred in Episode 8 of the season during the All Brawl event. The daily event involved competitors battling in a pool of muddy water to find a relic and then try to get it to a finish line on land before anyone could stop them. Competitors were able to grapple, tackle, and do what they could to stop someone from winning.

At one point in one of the women’s heats, Aneesa Ferreira seemed to have her arms around Lolo’s neck as she took her down into the muddy water. Lolo took exception to the move and felt Aneesa choking her was going a bit too far in terms of playing the game. Some of that was featured in the trailer that MTV released (below) before the episode.

During the second part of the reunion, they replayed that footage and Aneesa commented on Lolo’s complaints. She brought up how it was called “All Brawl” and didn’t involve playing nicely with each other.

“Like if you’re not ready to get dirty, this isn’t the game for you,” Aneesa said as part of her reunion comments.

That was the only segment that mentioned the Double Agents rookie. Lolo Jones’ issues working with partner Nam Vo during the season or her tweet about being forced to quit the show and that a mission was rigged were not included.

Aneesa gives more details, apologizes on Challenge podcast

With MTV’s Official Challenge podcast, co-hosts Aneesa and Tori Deal are able to cover some of the topics from the season a bit more in depth, giving some extra perspective and additional details.

In a recent podcast episode, they went over Double Agents Reunion Part 2 episode, and brought up the Aneesa vs. Lolo incident again. She reiterated that it was called All Brawl and that meant everyone was “brawling” in that challenge.

“All the girls were pushing each other. This is what we came here for,” Aneesa said about the physical daily event. She then went on to explain she wasn’t trying to choke Lolo, though.

“The second time was not to choke her. I was really just trying to get up out of the mud,” she shared, saying she was sort of using Lolo as a way to get some leverage to stand up.

Aneesa also shared that she felt bad about what went down because she’d just had a bit of a heart-to-heart talk with Lolo before that daily challenge. During the podcast, she revealed some advice she gave Lolo after the helicopter mission with cargo nets, where Theresa told some of the other women not to compete so she could win.

“I’m like ‘Lolo, even though you’re my personal competition and probably a lot of other girls who had considered themselves strong…You’re in great shape. You have a great chance of winning some of these,’ So I told her, ‘Give yourself a fair shot. Don’t listen to what anyone says. Play. Like, allow yourself to play this game,’” Aneesa said she told Lolo.

“Then we go into All Brawl, and I take her a** out after giving her all this heartfelt advice that I really, really was sincere about. But when you get into game mode, it’s life or death out there for me. If I don’t perform well, or one of my girls doesn’t perform well, I could be going in,” she added.

Even with that, Aneesa wanted to try to clear things up with Lolo about the incident.

“I apologize, Lolo, for you know, giving you that advice. I know how it could seem a little weird,” Aneesa said during the podcast. Her co-host Tori said she hopes Lolo is able to hear it and that it would end things with that situation.

It may mend that particular relationship, but it’s unknown whether Lolo will ever be appearing on The Challenge in a future season based on the way she left and what she tweeted about the show.

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