The Challenge spoilers: Season 40 men’s final four revealed as filming continues

the challenge host tj lavin face shot from elimination event
The Challenge Season 40 will feature an epic cast of competitors. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 40 filming is nearing its final, as the cast is down to fewer than 10 competitors.

After several cast members ‘ eliminations, online spoilers revealed recent speculation about a new Season 40 alliance.

The final four men’s competitors are also revealed, with star players and newcomers competing for the win. Could Season 40 add new winning players to the history books?

Viewers saw new winners in the past two MTV seasons, including Emanuel Neagu getting the Battle For a New Champion win.

Season 38, known as Ride or Dies, saw friends Tori Deal and Devin Walker capture their first wins on The Challenge after appearing in multiple finals.

This report contains spoilers for The Challenge Season 40 before its premiere on MTV.

Spoilers reveal Season 40 men’s final four competitors

The Challenge Season 40 features 40 competitors from the MTV competition series’ 39 seasons. Cast members appeared in one of four groups, known as “Eras,” based on when they were part of the show.

Based on spoilers, Cory Wharton was recently eliminated, potentially leaving four men to compete in the final.

Among them are two returning finalists and champions, Johnny Bananas and Jordan Wiseley. Bananas is going for his eighth win on The Challenge, while Jordan is vying for his fourth. Jordan is the only male competitor from Era Three to survive in Season 40.

However, two newcomers have also joined the mix. The Real World: Cancun’s Derek Chavez is in his first-ever final since appearing in multiple seasons of MTV’s show and the All Stars spinoff.

As of this writing, Derek’s All Stars 4 season is still airing, so this could be his second final. Derek is part of Era Two with Bananas.

Assuming four men and four women in the final, this is Kyland Young’s first appearance in The Challenge final. He could be the only men’s finalist from Era Four, the newest group.

Viewers saw him compete in The Challenge: USA Season 1 and The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion. He was eliminated ahead of the final in both seasons.

How much can the finalists win?

So far, it’s unclear if four men and four women will compete in The Challenge 40 final. However, a Vevmo forum thread has spoilers for how the season’s prizes will work.

According to the spoilers, $1 million is on the line, but there will be a men’s and women’s champion. Depending on their order of finish, that $1 million is divided amongst the men’s and women’s finalists. 

The men’s and women’s Season 40 winners will take home $400,000 each. The second place will receive $75,000 each, while the third place will get $25,000 each. 

Viewers have seen just one winner in several recent seasons of MTV’s The Challenge and on The Challenge: All Stars. That includes Emanuel Neagu, who was named the winner of Season 39, despite many fans feeling Nurys Mateo should have been named the women’s winner.

In the first season of the All Stars spinoff, Yes Duffy had the best overall score, so he won all of the $500,000 in prize money. Finalist KellyAnne Judd and fans were vocal about how The Challenge spinoff should have had two winners: one for the men and one for the women.

It seems that, with Season 40, production is making sure there is a men’s and women’s winner for what could be an epic installment of The Challenge.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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