The Challenge Season 40 spoilers: Alliance may have formed after cast members’ eliminations

tj lavin face shot during the challenge on mtv
The Challenge host TJ Lavin will return for Season 40 on MTV. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 40 is still filming, and spoilers have yet to reveal who competed in or won the latest final.

However, spoilers revealed surprising eliminations, including former finalists and champions ousted from the game. That’s likely due to alliances, backstabbing, and betrayals.

In recent seasons, many viewers have expressed frustration over a group known as the Vacation Alliance.

That particular group of castmates tends to take off-season vacations together and then typically works together during the next season of The Challenge they’re on.

Based on recent rumors online, another alliance may have formed following several cast members’ eliminations from Season 40.

This report contains spoilers from The Challenge Season 40, filmed in Vietnam.

Insider reveals the ‘Baecation Alliance 2.0’ from The Challenge 40

According to a recent tweet from Challenge insider @GamerVev, four eliminated cast members from Season 40 are vacationing together in Bali.

They include Ride or Dies finalist Olivia Kaiser, War of the Worlds finalist Theo Campbell, Big Brother winner Josh Martinez, and All Stars 3 finalist Nia Moore.

the challenge insider reveals season 40 alliance rumors in twitter screenshot
A Twitter screenshot reveals a possible alliance from Season 40. Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

All four competitors above exited during various stages of The Challenge 40, either by purge or elimination. Season 40 features cast members in four groups based on their “era” of the competition series.

Nia is part of Era 3, which features cast members Tori Deal, Devin Walker, and Jordan Wiseley. Olivia, Theo, and Josh are all part of Era 4, which features the newest MTV competitors.

Some members of the Vacation Alliance are Devin, Tori, Josh, Aneesa Ferreira, and Kaycee Clark. According to rumors, these individuals didn’t attend or get invited to the recent trip to Bali.

Season 40 star also showed her new hairstyle

Previous rumors indicated that multiple showmances occurred during Season 40 filming, including Nia’s with Josh and Kyland. In addition, a showmance was revealed that featured Theo with Olivia.

In a recent Instagram Story share, Olivia revealed a new hairstyle featuring stylish blonde braids in varying thicknesses.

She didn’t include a location on the IG Story, but she is enjoying a drink and appears to have a bikini on, so it’s likely from her vacation.

olivia kaiser screenshot from instagram story showing changed hairstyle
Olivia Kaiser shares IG Story showing new hairstyle. Pic credit: @oliviaannkaiser/Instagram

Viewers saw Olivia among competitors in Season 39, but she primarily focused on the game and had no notable showmances revealed during the episodes.

During the season, there were teases of her interest in Emanuel Neagu, and a rumored hookup with castmate Jay Starrett became a topic at the reunion.

Olivia has rocked several different hairstyles on The Challenge, including blonde, brunette, and red in varying lengths and styles. Season 39 featured her with wavy red locks.

During her rookie season, Ride or Dies (below), Olivia wore a blonde hairstyle. She was involved with castmate Nelson Thomas and reached the final in Season 38. However, things fizzled out when they attempted to continue dating after filming ended.

It appears with Season 40, another attempt to return to the final failed. It’s also unclear whether Theo and Olivia will continue seeing each other, as Theo lives across the pond while Olivia is in the States.

Meanwhile, Nia’s other showmance, Kyland, is not part of the rumored “Baecation Alliance,” which seems to bode well for his chances at making it into his first final and possibly winning Season 40.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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