The Challenge spoilers: Season 40 competitor suffered potential season-ending injury

the challenge host tj lavin
TJ Lavin will host The Challenge Season 40 in Vietnam. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge can be a dangerous game, as some competitors have suffered brutal injuries during daily challenges, eliminations, and the final.

Among the most recent examples was Olivia Kaiser, who had an unfortunate mishap during the Ride or Dies final on MTV.

While she and teammate Horacio Gutierrez attempted to complete a slingshot checkpoint, that slingshot misfired and shot a golf ball into Olivia’s face.

It resulted in a severe injury, which sent her to the hospital in an ambulance and disqualified her and Horacio from the final.

As The Challenge Season 40 spoilers continue to arrive, one has come up with rumors that a similar injury occurred during the filming, which nearly sent a competitor home.

This report will contain spoilers for MTV’s Season 40 filming in Vietnam.

The Challenge Season 40 competitor suffered a scary injury

Based on online spoilers and rumors about Season 40, multi-time show winner Jordan Wiseley experienced a frightening injury during the filming.

According to a tweet from the spoiler account @GamerVev, a metal piece broke off during a daily challenge and hit Jordan in the face.

The injury caused a severe cut to Jordan’s face and sent him to the ER to get checked out. Based on GamerVev’s tweet, he was “almost removed from the game” due to the injury being near his eye.

screenshot for the challenge spoilers from gamervev twitter for season 40
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

During a Season 39 daily challenge, a metal chain flew back and hit Kyland Young in the face, causing him to start bleeding. Kyland remained in the game and continued to compete.

Based on spoilers, Jordan has not been disqualified or eliminated from Season 40. Still, the recent injury scare raises potential safety issues and dangers associated with competing in the show.

The Challenge winner has been vocal about issues with production

Based on another GamerVev tweet, inside sources suggest Jordan has been vocal to production throughout the season, calling them out on “sketchy calls” during the daily challenges, eliminations, and how they’ve treated cast members.

The tweet also suggests that Jordan called out production for giving cast members an “okay” on a puzzle at the first daily challenge when they hadn’t completed it correctly.

screenshot from gamervev twitter for challenge season 40 spoilers
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Jordan was featured as a mercenary in the Battle For a New Champion season on MTV. He eliminated Ciarran Stott in a somewhat physical elimination involving a race back and forth up ramps.

Following the elimination, there were rumors that something fishy had affected the event’s results. Jordan released videos clarifying his side of the story.

Jordan was previously vocal about safety issues after Olivia’s injury on Ride or Dies.

During a podcast, he mentioned that production wanted to give them safety goggles during the checkpoint. Jordan said he told production that’s not what the goggles are for, and if they’d been wearing them, Olivia would have lost an eye from her slingshot accident.

screenshot from challenge fan twitter mentioning jordan talking about safety issues with show
Pic credit: @sportsgal50/Twitter

As of this report, spoilers indicate Jordan is among the show’s former winners, still competing for the Season 40 win. Other remaining competitors who previously won the MTV show include Cara Maria Sorbello, Laurel Stucky, Jenny West, Tori Deal, Rachel Robinson, and Johnny Bananas.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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