The Challenge spoilers: Latest All Stars 2 elimination results suggest TJ’s final could start soon

tj lavin during the challenge all stars spinoff season
The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 filming is currently underway. Pic credit: Paramount+

Despite a brief pause due to a quarantine, it appears that The Challenge: All Stars 2 filming resumed, and several eliminations have taken place.

Among them, multiple fan-favorite OGs have been rumored to see their time end on the show, including a returning star from the first season.

However, the latest Challenge spoilers also suggest that TJ Lavin’s final could now be underway, which means a season could be even closer to arriving on Paramount Plus.

All Stars 2 eliminations resume after quarantine

Monsters & Critics previously reported on the spoilers for All Stars 2, which indicated a crew member had broken COVID-19 protocol, resulting in quarantine for the cast. However, it seems as of the past several days that multiple eliminations have been added to online spoilers for The Challenge.

Among them is a returning OG from the first season. Based on an Instagram post from @mtvchallengeinsider, which is a spoilers account, Road Rules OG Kendal Sheppard has once again been eliminated ahead of the final.

Kendal was eliminated in the first season of The Challenge spinoff just one episode before TJ’s final began in Argentina. In that episode, Nehemiah Clark chose her as his partner for the elimination against Eric “Big Easy” Banks and Jisela Delgado.

It’s unknown who eliminated Kendal or how it happened, but she is one of four cast members rumored to have been eliminated in the past several days.

Along with Kendal’s elimination, The Real World: Key West’s Tyler Duckworth, Real World Sydney’s Cohutta Grindstaff, and Fresh Meat’s Casey Cooper have all been eliminated, per the Vevmo forum thread.

Casey and Cohutta were among the alternates for The Challenge: All Stars Season 1. Tyler was one of several new cast members for Season 2 with championships on his resume. He won two during his Challenge career, including one on the first Rivals season with RW castmate Johnny Bananas as his rival.

Remaining number of competitors suggests final underway

Based on how many cast members are gone, and how many are left for The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast, it could mean TJ’s final is underway or close to taking place in Cancun, Mexico.

A total of 12 cast members have officially departed the show, presumably all via eliminations. That leaves 12 cast members, which was the number that made it into the All Stars Season 1 final.

Among the remaining OG competitors for the men are Brad Fiorenza, Darrell Taylor, Teck Holmes, Nehemiah Clark, Syrus Yarbrough, and Maxie “MJ” Garrett. The women’s remaining competitors include two-time champ Jodi Weatherton, Janelle Casaneve, Jonna Mannion, Ruthie Alcaide, Jasmine Reynaud, and Melinda Stolp. 

For the first season of the spinoff, TJ’s final had 12 competitors start out, with men and women in partnerships. The team that had the last-place finish in the first part of the final was eliminated, leaving 10 competitors to compete in the final.

Those competitors would switch partners for each leg of the final and accumulated points based on how they finished. The final leg was a solo race up a mountain to the finish. Yes Duffy was the sole winner of $500,000, although some fans and competitors felt there should have also been a women’s winner.

Based on the above spoilers, it seems the final is close, and with that, the All Stars 2 episodes are closer to arriving. Once it wraps up, it may be a matter of a month or so before a trailer and release date officially arrive.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 is TBA for 2021. Season 1 is currently available on-demand via Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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