The Challenge spoilers: Insider reveals controversial cast member returning for All Stars 5

the challenge host tj lavin face shot from all stars 4 episode 2
The Challenge host TJ Lavin appears in the All Stars 4 season. Pic credit: Paramaount+

With The Challenge: All Stars 4 bringing many fan-favorites back to a version of the competition series, it seemed the Season 5 cast might be lacking.

However, recent spoiler updates indicate otherwise, as All Stars 5 features multiple “icons” from MTV’s past.

In addition, an insider recently shared that a controversial but popular competitor will return.

All Stars 4 featured the return of Cara Maria Sorbello after it seemed she would no longer return due to potential controversies or issues with production.

According to the latest update, another fan-favorite cast member will return to All Stars 5 following their hiatus from the show.

This report will contain spoilers for the upcoming season, The Challenge: All Stars 5.

Insider reveals ‘Queen’ departing for All Stars 5

The Challenge superfan and insider @GamerVev on Twitter and @mtvchallengeinsider on Instagram recently shared another big update for All Stars 5.

Two-time show winner Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell is returning to compete on the spinoff version of the show.

The IG caption read, “The Queen, Ashley Mitchell, will be departing to Vietnam for #TheChallengeAllStars5!”

Screenshot of instagram post from mtvchallengeinsider with all stars 5 spoiler
Insider shows a photo of Ashley Mitchell from The Challenge. Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

Ashley, a former Real World: Ex-Plosion cast member, won Invasion of the Champions and Final Reckoning during her nine seasons of The Challenge.

The latter of those wins brought a highlight moment when she took all the prize money, leaving teammate Hunter Barfield with nothing. That win also earned her the “Millionaire” Mitchell title, as her prize winnings have totaled over $1 million.

Viewers last saw Ashley compete in MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, but her “deactivation” from the season was mysterious for viewers.

Cast member’s return comes after a controversial exit from MTV’s The Challenge

In Spies, Lies & Allies, viewers saw Ashley win an elimination over rookie Priscilla Anyabu during the season and survive until Episode 14. She and her team won that episode’s daily challenge, giving them the power to choose someone to go into elimination.

However, Ashley was mysteriously absent when the team assembled for the nomination meeting. Host TJ Lavin said she got deactivated for breaking the show’s rules. Neither the host nor the show provided any other explanations for Ashley’s sudden exit.

Based on rumors swirling from spoilers during filming and confirmation from castmates after, Ashley got into a heated argument with her castmate, Josh Martinez.

According to the alleged accounts, Ashley crossed the line with an inappropriate remark she made to Josh during the argument and was required to leave the show.

Following her aired exit from MTV’s Spies, Lies & Allies season, Ashley shared social media messages indicating she understood TJ and The Challenge’s decision. She also said she was seeking various help to work through her issues, including anger management.

In the several years since her last appearance, Ashley revealed to fans that she’d had phone calls with production about a potential return to The Challenge. Based on the recent spoilers, things may have lined up for her with the time and location for All Stars 5 filming.

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