The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 4 premiere and potential Season 40 cast members arrive

host tj lavin from the challenge usa 2
The Challenge host TJ Lavin will likely appear as host for Season 40. Pic credit: MTV

Several significant updates regarding The Challenge arrived from a recent event involving some of the show’s past, present, and possibly future cast members.

Challenge Mania Podcast held an event in Tampa, Florida, where fans could meet and interact with cast members from MTV’s show.

Podcast host Scott Yager was joined by stars from the competition series, including Mark Long, Cara Maria Sorbello, and Paulie Calafiore.

The event revealed some potential news about the spinoff The Challenge: All Stars 4, which fans have been wondering about for months.

In addition, a few more potential cast members may have revealed themselves as participants in the upcoming 40th season of MTV’s show.

This report may include spoilers, including the names of several cast members of The Challenge: All Stars 4 and Season 40.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 has a rumored premiere date

All Stars has become a popular spinoff based on MTV’s The Challenge, which typically features OG cast members from The Real World and Road Rules series of yesteryear.

It unveiled Season 3 in 2022, with former Real World stars Wes Bergmann and Jonna Mannion winning and splitting the prize money.

Spoilers revealed that a fourth All Stars season was filmed months ago, but no official details have been revealed about its release.

During the recent Challenge Mania event, it was teased that All Stars 4 will premiere in March. However, this has yet to be officially confirmed by The Challenge or streaming platform Paramount+, where the series is available.

As mentioned, All Stars 3 was first released on Paramount+ in May 2022. The season concluded in June 2022, and after that, The Challenge: USA, MTV’s Ride or Dies, USA 2, and Battle For a New Champion seasons aired.

MTV’s Battle For a New Champion is currently airing, and it’s expected to wrap up within the next month, including the reunion episodes.

Rumor: Three Challenge stars said they’ll be in Season 40

Spoilers have been circulating online regarding MTV’s The Challenge Season 40 cast for several weeks now. Some big names have already been revealed as “potential” cast members, and now three more may be on that list.

Based on details that surfaced from the Challenge Mania event in Tampa, Mark Long, Paulie, and Cara “allegedly confirmed” that they will be appearing on the next MTV season.

A tweeted screenshot of Challenge Mania notes (above) revealed that Paulie said production would “be stupid not to” cast him and Cara on every season going forward.

Another exciting tidbit might have surfaced indicating the theme of Season 40 will feature “old and new” cast members teamed up.

With that in mind, it could be All Stars or veteran MTV stars partnered with the newer generation of competitors.

This would be similar to the two Fresh Meat seasons that aired on MTV, although the new cast members in those seasons had never appeared on reality TV before.

As of this writing, the three individuals mentioned above aren’t confirmed for Season 40, as nothing is official, and filming has yet to start. Check out additional Season 40 spoilers, including six other cast members who could participate in the MTV show.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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