The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 3, Episode 5 teaser reveals OGs cheating, another TJ Lavin twist on the way

host tj lavin during the challenge all stars 3
Host TJ Lavin during The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

As The Challenge: All Stars 3 reaches the midway point of the season, it’s time for things to get shaken up. That will happen due to one of those famous twists that TJ Lavin drops on the competitors and allegations that a few castmates are cheating.

The shocking speculation arrived weeks ago online but recently popped in The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 5 teaser at the tail end of Episode 4.

This report will contain spoilers, including elimination details and the names of individuals involved in the alleged cheating scandal during The Challenge: All Stars 3 season.

Cheating to be addressed in All Stars 3, Episode 5

After The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 4 ended, a teaser trailer for the next episode previewed what’s in store for the competitors and the viewers. Episode 5 seems like it could turn things up with the drama and competitive intensity.

One of the big stories hinted at in the trailer involves two castmates in a secret showmance, with at least one cheating on their significant other. In the teaser, KellyAnne Judd is conversing with her Season 1 castmate, Beth Stolarczyk, who returned for the third season as a replacement in Episode 4.

“You don’t trust Jonna right?” KellyAnne asks her castmate.

The duo discusses how Jonna Mannion is cheating on her husband with castmate MJ Garrett. There were hints that the two castmates were close during various episodes of All Stars 2 and even more in All Stars 3.

Later on, another conversation seems to arrive in Episode 5 during the cast’s night out, as Beth is chatting with Mark Long and Sylvia Elsrode.

Making things more interesting, Jonna comes over to join them at the table, saying she heard her name. Before the teaser ends, Mark seems to be pointing to the cameras to indicate this is going to be good.

mark long and sylvia elsrode in the challenge all stars 3 episode 5 teaser
Mark Long and Sylvia Elsrode chat with a castmate about another’s cheating in All Stars 3, Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

It’s unknown how long the cheating may have been going on, but it seems it could give cast members a reason to toss one of the two cast members into an elimination.

Rumors arrived via online Challenge spoilers months ago regarding several OGs cheating during the show. Those spoilers may reveal what’s in store for the elimination event.

Jonna and MJ were the winners of The Challenge: All Stars 2. So far, MJ’s gone into one elimination, where he defeated castmate Syrus Yarbrough. Jonna has yet to see The Arena during any of her three seasons.

The former Real World star’s husband is Kevin Stephens, whom Jonna has two children with.

Another TJ Lavin twist is coming for the OGs

At the start of the Episode 5 teaser, host TJ Lavin drops some bombshell on the cast as he reveals one of those famous TJ twists for The Challenge. It’s unknown what that twist will involve, although All Stars 2 involved cast members teaming up in pairs for the remainder of the season.

All Stars 3 already involved the infamous Sabotage power, which cast members use to give a penalty to a castmate of their choice in the daily challenge.

In the premiere season of All Stars, there was the Lifesaver which lasted briefly. A similar power was available in Season 2, where winning cast members could spare themselves from elimination or someone else.

A similar twist could be on the way for All Stars 3, or it could be something else that blows up the game for the competitors. This third season of the spinoff features only Challenge finalists and winners, making it more intense than the previous two seasons.

Check out the full teaser trailer below for All Stars 3, Episode 5.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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