The Challenge Season 40 spoilers: Two more former finalists get eliminated

tj lavin face shot from the challenge
The Challenge is hosted by TJ Lavin. Pic credit: MTV

Based on the latest spoilers, several more finalists are officially out of The Challenge Season 40!

The upcoming MTV season is filming in Vietnam with a cast of 40, including multi-time champions, former finalists, and favorites from previous seasons.

Due to the stacked cast’s structure, it didn’t take long before some fan favorites got ousted from the game.

The latest spoiler results reveal two more finalists from recent seasons are no longer in the competition.

That still leaves an intriguing group of cast members vying to win a format that appears to feature the “best of the best” from different eras of MTV’s competition series.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge Season 40, for which MTV has yet to announce details.

Two recent finalists eliminated from Season 40

Based on an update from the Vevmo forum thread with Season 40 spoilers, Horacio Gutierrez and Aneesa Ferreira are the game’s latest eliminations.

Viewers saw both competitors reach the final in Season 38, aka Ride or Dies. Horacio partnered with Olivia Kaiser, but they got disqualified from the final when Olivia suffered an unfortunate injury.

Aneesa teamed up with three-time MTV Challenge winner Jordan Wiseley and also suffered unfortunate injuries during the final. She was hobbled after turning an ankle early and became seriously hurt during an in-final elimination against friend Nany Gonzalez.

Due to her injuries, Aneesa underwent surgery and rehabilitation after the season. She didn’t participate in Season 39 of MTV’s Battle For a New Champion, but likely wouldn’t have due to the theme.

However, her name came up during the Season 39 reunion as someone who shared information about Olivia with Nurys Mateo’s brother. That information, which Nurys learned from her brother via video call while filming, was that her friend Olivia would betray her during the season.

Horacio appeared in the Season 39 cast, where he found love with castmate Nurys. Late in the season, castmates voted them into a three-way elimination with Kyland Young. Nurys won that elimination, sending Horacio and Kyland home two episodes before the final.

Which other finalists and champions are out?

With Aneesa and Horacio out of Season 40, the total number of eliminations is now 12. Previously, spoilers revealed that finalists Tony Raines, Leroy Garrett, Paulie Calafiore, KellyAnne Judd, and Nurys Mateo were all eliminated.

Former champions Jodi Weatherton, Katie Cooley, and Mark Long also got eliminated. Jodi and Mark are each two-time winners of the show.

Other Season 40 eliminations included Amanda Garcia, a multi-time Challenge competitor, and Brandon Nelson, a cast member of The Challenge: All Stars 4.

The Vevmo forum thread indicated that there’s not yet any confirmed order of elimination. However, the cast is now down to 28 people competing for the win in Season 40, with the number of winners and prize money unclear.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 6 on Paramount+.

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