The Challenge Season 38 spoilers: First cast member eliminations revealed for MTV show

tj lavin hosts the challenge and the challenge all stars
Spoilers have arrived involving The Challenge Season 38 eliminations. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge Season 38 filming is underway after a brief pause for a cast quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test. Now that filming has begun, daily challenges and eliminations are happening.

While several cast members have already been sent home from the show, online spoilers have revealed the first cast eliminations. Two teammates are officially out of the running for some major prize money.

This report will feature spoilers for the first two people eliminated from The Challenge Season 38 and some other details about the show.

First two people eliminated from The Challenge 38?

Monsters and Critics previously reported on spoilers regarding a shakeup with cast members and a big twist for the season, which brought in veterans Nany Gonzalez and Johnny Bananas as a late addition to the show.

While it was revealed that Nam Vo’s partner Emmy Russ quit the show, forcing Nam off the show, too, the latest reveal appears like it could have been a legit elimination event.

Based on details from a Vevmo forum thread, Kailah Casillas and her husband Sam Bird were the first players officially eliminated from The Challenge Season 38.

As of this report, it’s unknown which competitors ousted them from the game or what the particular elimination event they competed in was.

Season 38 features a Ride or Dies theme, with male and female pairs who are allies. Kailah and Sam are husband and wife, while other teams include friends, boyfriend-girlfriend, or family members.

In addition to Nam and Emmy leaving the show, Aneesa Ferreira’s friend James Simon got kicked off the show. A reason for his disqualification hasn’t been given other than he was sent home by production after the cast’s second quarantine. It was revealed that Aneesa was able to return to the show, despite James getting sent home.

Kailah has appeared strong in All Stars 3 season

Of the Season 38 cast members for MTV’s show, Kailah is the only one who appeared on The Challenge: All Stars 3. Veteran castmate Aneesa appeared in the first season of All Stars.

The third season of All Stars has featured a strong alliance known as the Treehouse, which Kailah seems to be running. The group of seven individuals in the alliance also includes Derrick Kosinski, Sylvia Elsrode, Veronica Portillo, Roni Chance, Jemmye Carroll, and Tina Bridges.

Through several episodes, they’ve managed to get rid of one of their OG targets, Kendal Darnell, by tossing her into elimination twice. Their other target has been KellyAnne Judd, whom they also claimed they were going after due to her being a strong competitor.

It’s quite possible that Season 38 cast members realized that Kailah was making moves on All Stars 3, which put a target on her back in the filming of MTV’s new season. In addition to heading up the Treehouse Alliance, Kailah also proved herself to be a strong competitor in several daily challenges.

However, her new husband, Sam Bird, has no experience on The Challenge, which may have also been a factor in them getting eliminated. More spoilers are likely to arrive in the coming week as other teams are eliminated from the game.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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