The Challenge Season 38, Episode 6 trailer reveals showmance ending, Nany and Bananas issues

laurel stucky in the challenge season 38 episode 5
Laurel Stucky during The Challenge: Ride or Dies, Episode 5. Pic credit: MTV

When The Challenge Season 38, Episode 6 arrives on MTV, a showmance appears to be coming to an end as Laurel Stucky is moving on.

A teaser trailer for the fifth episode of Ride or Dies begins with a voiceover from rookie Horacio Gutierrez, who had been in a flirty situation with Laurel since earlier episodes.

“There was a misunderstanding between Laurel and I,” Horacio says, adding, “I don’t want to hurt her.”

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Footage shows Horacio lying on a bed in one room and then switches to footage of a castmate lying on top of Laurel after asking, “Do you want a hug?”

Based on the voice delivering that line, it appears Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat is offering Laurel that comfort as she moves on from Horacio.

“Does Horacio hug you like this?” Fessy asks Laurel, getting her to chuckle.

Fessy has been featured in footage throughout the first several episodes showing his interest in multiple castmates, including rookies Analyse Talavera and Colleen Schneider.

However, those rookies are now eliminated from the game, which leaves Fessy with fewer options.

Power team faces issues working together?

Another potential theme teased in the Ride or Dies Episode 6 trailer is that the power duo of vets Nany Gonzalez and Johnny Bananas will have some issues in the game.

Footage in the trailer reveals an upcoming daily challenge that appears to take place in the water again and involves solving puzzles.

However, Nany and Bananas are struggling to work together, with Nany calling her teammate a “f**king idiot” in one scene.

“Nany and I aren’t on the same page. It’s not a good look for us,” Bananas says as they’re shown assembling words out of letter pieces.

Moments later, the trailer closes with Nelson Thomas performing a flip from a rope into the water after yelling, “Scuba Nelly T!”

After a drought of 50-plus daily events without a win, could Nelson record another victory in a daily challenge?

The Challenge synopsis teased two players are in ‘hot seat’

Along with the teaser trailer, a synopsis for Episode 6 of Ride or Dies also arrived online. It included a tease that two players are on the “hot seat” following their decisions in Episode 5.

Those two players are, unsurprisingly, Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald. The duo won the Episode 5 daily challenge, Royal Relay, which kept them safe from elimination. It also brought the chance for some power moves in the game.

Unfortunately, Jay and Michele didn’t make the best of their position of power. Their choices for potential elimination included rookies Colleen and Kim Tranka, along with Aneesa Ferreira, Jordan Wiseley, Veronica Portillo, Darrell Taylor, Jakk Maddox, and Laurel.

Jay and Michele ended up having some tense moments and attempts at conversation with Jakk and Laurel and ultimately chose them to go into elimination. Veronica and Darrell won The Draw, choosing to save Jordan and Aneesa. That put the rookies into elimination again.

Laurel and Jakk Are BLINDSIDED ? And Thrown Into Elimination ? The Challenge: Ride Or Dies

Ultimately, Jakk and Laurel defeated the rookies in an event involving recreating the color symbols from a giant puzzle wall onto a smaller board. With that, Laurel and Jakk will return to The Challenge house, potentially seeking revenge.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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