The Challenge Season 38, Episode 3 synopsis teases Tori vs. Jordan, showmances, and crazy elimination

tori deal in the challenge ride or dies episode 1
Tori Deal appears in the first elimination of The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. Pic credit: MTV

With each season of MTV’s The Challenge, production is constantly looking to up the ante with the daily challenges and eliminations.

Based on a synopsis for The Challenge Season 38, Episode 3, they’ll do just that by putting a new twist on a longtime classic elimination event.

Details reveal the return of Hall Brawl, but not in the typical way that cast members or viewers are accustomed to seeing it.

In addition, the upcoming episode will feature drama between exes as they reunite on The Challenge after a somewhat messy breakup and a bit of time apart from each other.

Speaking of “messy,” that’s also part of Episode 3, as one individual will potentially explore showmances on MTV’s Ride or Dies season.

This report may contain spoilers through the first few episodes of The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

The Challenge 38, Episode 3 synopsis reveals upcoming events

Episode 3 of The Challenge Season 38 is called A Bumpy Ride and arrives just as TJ Lavin has introduced another competitor into the game. Three-time champion Jordan Wiseley arrived at The Zone at the end of Ride or Dies Episode 2.

It was a major surprise for cast members, particularly for his former fiancee Tori Deal, who wasn’t expecting to see Jordan on a Challenge season with her. They last appeared together in MTV’s Total Madness season, and the two were still engaged back then.

Fast forward several years later, and the two aren’t married and haven’t spoken in over a year, according to Jordan in his interview comments. Adding to that is the fact he publicly said he wouldn’t go on an MTV Challenge season with his ex.

However, he received the call to do the show with just days to decide and learned that Tori would be there. That should make things interesting, as a Ride or Dies trailer revealed that Tori had no idea he’d show up.

“Strength and endurance are tested at the ‘Build Me Up’ challenge. Tori and Jordan try to make sense of their breakup. One player stumbles into ‘messy’ territory when he flirts with multiple women. A Double Decker Hall Brawl stuns everyone,” the IMDB synopsis reads.

Based on the above synopsis, there could be some showmances on the way for Fessy Shafaat, who has been referred to as “Messy Fessy” before.

However, it could refer to another cast member, such as Johnny Bananas. The Challenge OG indicated on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast that he came to Season 38 as a single man and could explore his options.

Recent Hall Brawl history included Season 37 variation

By now, fans of The Challenge look at Hall Brawl as one of the classic head-banger-type events on the show, as it’s an intense, physical elimination like no other.

Hall Brawl involves a long, narrow hall, typically with plexiglass walls. Competitors start on opposite ends and have to get past their opponent to ring the bell at the end of their hall. The winner is usually the first player to do that twice in three rounds, while the loser goes home.

The Ride or Dies Episode 3 synopsis reveals that they’ll stack up two halls for a unique version of the event. That could allow the two teammates to participate at one time or provide another variation on the event as men and women compete separately.

Viewers haven’t seen Hall Brawl on the Paramount Plus spinoff, but it did make an appearance in The Challenge: USA on CBS. Former Big Brother star Enzo Palumbo won Hall Brawl in Episode 8, ousting Leo Temory from the show by defeating him in two rounds of the event.

In MTV’s 37th season, Spies, Lies & Allies, the event also showed up but was slightly different from the traditional version.

Rookies Emy Alupei and Esther Agunbiade clashed in the Rage Cage in Episode 7, which featured walls with cage-like materials. Competitors had to get past their opponent and climb up the cage wall at the end of the hall to ring a hanging bell.

Emmy won the event, one of several eliminations the former Survivor Romania star won during Season 37, impressing her castmates.

Fans have seen Ride or Dies star Fessy compete in several Hall Brawls during his Challenge career, and he’s yet to lose one. He’s battled castmates Nelson Thomas and Kyle Christie in the event, and each time there were injuries.

However, one has to wonder if Fessy will be going into an elimination this early in the season due to the veteran cast members wanting to have numbers.

A safe bet is that rookies will be on the chopping block in Ride or Dies based on the vets looking to gain an advantage. Either way, the Double Decker Hall Brawl should provide a unique, intense, and potentially brutal way to decide which team remains in the game.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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