The Challenge Season 38, Episode 16 sneak peek: Devin Walker plans to get rid of castmate before final

devin walker in the zone in the challenge 38
Devin Walker appears in The Zone during The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

With the final approaching, Devin Walker is preparing for his second-straight attempt to win The Challenge, but he wants a specific Ride or Dies castmate gone first.

A new sneak peek clip shows footage from Episode 16, as three of the men remaining in the game discuss a certain castmate who’s remained under the radar.

Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat converses with Jordan Wiseley and Devin about how Johnny Bananas has managed to avoid eliminations during the season.

Bananas is shown working out at the outdoor gym area of The Challenge house as his three castmates discuss how he keeps skating by to the final in recent seasons.

Jordan mentions Bananas gets away with it because “that’s his MO,” and others don’t want to say his name.

“Fessy brings up a good point. There’s a seven-time champion in this house who has not seen an elimination yet. ‘You know what, Fessy? I see that too,'” Jordan says in a confessional scene.

Devin Walker is ready to strike on Ride or Dies

In the Ride or Dies Episode 16 clip, Devin interjects his thoughts during a confessional scene suggesting if he and partner Tori Deal win the next daily challenge, it’s “get Bananas out at all costs.” 

The two-time Challenge finalist says he doesn’t dislike Bananas like in the past, but he’s not someone he wants to compete against at this stage of the game.

Devin suggests that if you want something done, sometimes you’ve got to do it yourself. Viewers have seen Devin take matters into his own hands before but in a different way.

Devin battled Bananas in The Challenge before

Devin, a former cast member on MTV’s Are You The One? Season 3 is well aware of Bananas as a threat when it comes to winning the final on The Challenge.

Devin’s debut season was Rivals III, where he and his partner Cheyenne Floyd were able to last until the final and finish in third place overall. Bananas won that season alongside rival Sarah Rice, who he infamously left penniless in that surprising twist with the prize money.

The two were castmates again on Dirty 30 and Vendettas. Devin made a bold and risky move in the latter of those two seasons, asking those in power to give him Bananas in an elimination.

Devin got his wish in Vendettas Episode 9, with the elimination carrying over to Episode 10, as he faced The Challenge star in Not So Bright. The game featured two large boards back-to-back with lit-up buttons all over them, and the competitors had to race to shut off all their lights first.

The event allowed Devin to shine in a memorable moment, defeating his nemesis in something that leveled the playing field. Devin didn’t make the final that season but had the satisfaction of sending Bananas home.

Now with the Ride or Dies final looming, Devin is reflecting on Bananas’ history in the game and realizing that in order to win this one, he’ll need to do what he can to get rid of the seven-time champ. Will he go into elimination himself again, or find another way to oust the legend?

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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