The Challenge Season 37 winner, former finalist respond to Fessy Shafaat boxing match challenge

chris ct tamburello appears at the challenge 37 reunion
Chris “CT” Tamburello appears via video conferencing during The Challenge 37 reunion. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Fessy Shafaat is searching for an opponent for a boxing match, as he’s called out several individuals, including one of his castmates, Spies, Lies & Allies winner CT Tamburello.

He also called out a few OGs, including two-time Challenge champion Mark Long, and former finalist Tony Raines, as Fessy seemed to think both would be worthy opponents for him in the ring.

Since Fessy’s boxing match challenges went out, CT Tamburello and Tony Raines have responded about how they’d fare if they faced the former Big Brother star.

Tony Raines responds to Fessy’s boxing challenge

Just days ago, Spies, Lies & Allies star Fessy Shafaat replied to fan questions about anything they wanted to ask him. One fan asked what Fessy would do “when CT fades that a** in a boxing match?”

“CAP! I already reached out to him and he ain’t bout it but I will take the @themarklong or @t_raines as a back up,” Fessy replied over a video of himself walking out to the ring.

Since he got tagged in Fessy’s IG Story clip, it caught Tony’s attention, and he fired back with a reply on his IG Story.

“Fessy don’t make me Tyron Woodley you,” Tony wrote along with a sleeping emoji and another crying laughing.

Woodley, 39, is a former UFC Welterweight Champion who was defeated by Jake Paul in two boxing matches this year. Woodley’s second loss arrived earlier this month via a knockout in the sixth round.

tony raines ig story reply fessy boxing match
Pic credit: @t_raines/Instagram

Tony and Fessy have never appeared on a season of The Challenge together, but it’s clear Fessy views him as a worthy opponent for the squared circle. As of this report, there are no details about a Fessy vs. Tony match.

Tony has been away from MTV’s The Challenge since appearing on Season 32, Final Reckoning in 2018. That season included Fessy’s showmance Amanda Garcia and other Spies, Lies & Allies castmates, including Cory Wharton, Nelson Thomas, Devin Walker, and Kyle Christie.

CT spoke about Fessy boxing match at Season 37 reunion

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies reunion aired on MTV on Wednesday, December 22, and featured Fessy in-studio, while Chris “CT” Tamburello appeared via video conferencing.

During one segment, host Maria Menounos brought up a fan’s question about Fessy calling out CT for a boxing match weeks ago and then deleting it off social media.

Fessy said he deleted it due to CT still filming the season, and he didn’t want to pose a question to him while he was still involved in that. He mentioned he also sent a text to CT saying he knew he just won “back to back” and thought they “could make hundreds of thousands of dollars” if they boxed.

Fessy said he thought he could beat CT in a boxing match when asked. However, CT expressed little interest in it and said, “You had your chance in Iceland,” referring to their Double Agents altercation.

Maria asked CT what would happen if he and Fessy mixed it up in the ring, and The Challenge champ seemed confident that he would knock Fessy out.

“I think I’d punch his head in,” CT told Maria when she asked what would happen if they boxed.

With CT having just won Season 37 and filming a movie, it seems unlikely that the two castmates will have that match. However, the possibility of Fessy facing another Challenge OG still seems like it’s there, especially with Tony continuing to react.

Tony was clearly checking out the reunion and shared a reaction to the segment, saying, “Fessy was shook just talking about this” and that he “took the L” without ever having a match.

the challenge 37 reunion tony raines reacts
Pic credit: @t_raines/Instagram

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