The Challenge Season 37: Lauren Coogan reacts to Josh Martinez interview, comments about reality TV experiences

lauren coogan in the challenge season 37 premiere episode
The Challenge Season 37 rookie Lauren Coogan during an elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

After The Challenge’s Josh Martinez commented in an interview about his Spies, Lies & Allies castmate, she’s now reacted and responded to what he said about her.

Lauren, who is part of the Season 37 cast, was shown briefly on screen in the premiere episode. She became Josh’s teammate in that first episode, which meant he probably had less screen time too.

While there have been online rumors about why Lauren was edited out of the footage, Josh commented in an interview about how things went with him and his partner, saying they “didn’t align” and she was “out there.”

Lauren Coogan responds to Josh Martinez interview comments

During Josh Martinez’s interview, he explained that he felt he and his partner had different reasons for being there, with Lauren being “intoxicated” a lot and that he was more focused on reaching a final.

He didn’t necessarily bash Lauren, although his comments may have come off harsh.

A super fan Twitter account tweeted about some of Josh’s interview comments, causing The Challenge rookie to respond.

lauren coogan tweet comments about josh martinez
Pic credit: @LaurenCoogan/Twitter

In another tweet reply, Lauren agreed that she is “out there” but said her level of drunkenness wasn’t any greater than her other castmates.

“Out there yes.., more drunk than a house of acloholics… no,” Lauren wrote in her reply.

challenge rookie lauren coogan tweet reply about josh comments
Pic credit: @LaurenCoogan/Twitter

In yet another tweet and reply, the Challenge super fan added that Josh said Lauren wasn’t his type of partner because she was just there to party and not to win.

“Not what he was saying in real time,” Lauren said in a reply.

the challenge rookie lauren coogan tweet replies about josh martinez
Pic credit: @LaurenCoogan/Twitter

In the first episode of The Challenge, Lauren was mostly edited out, with a quick scene of her teaming up with Josh in the opening mission and other scenes where viewers could see her face. However, she had no confessional interviews or screen time to give any dialogue or backstory.

Lauren retweeted a shot that popped up during the episode from the elimination, where her face is visible as she gives elimination winner Michele Fitzgerald a congratulatory hug. Beyond that, she was scarce in the episode, which had fans scratching their heads.

Challenge rookie says she’s OK with Josh, opens up about reality TV

Despite the comments Josh Martinez made, it seems Lauren is still OK with him. She also admitted that she was having her fun while on the show.

“Nah honestly I f**k with Josh he was a loyal partner and friend… and I was wild,” Lauren tweeted about her Season 37 teammate.

the challenge rookie lauren coogan says she is ok with josh martinez
Pic credit: @LaurenCoogan/Twitter

Ahead of Josh’s interview comments and Lauren’s replies, she shared a series of tweets where she opened up about her reality TV experience, indicating it raised her anxiety and took a toll on her mental health.

“All jokes aside, I got gaslit and scapegoated on two major networks within the same month. My anxiety skyrocketed, my mental health was literally in shambles and this led me to an identity crisis of sorts,” she tweeted.

lauren coogan of the challenge tweets about reality tv
Pic credit: @LaurenCoogan/Twitter

In a follow-up to the tweet, she commented that reality TV should be “entertainment and fun” and that reality TV stars “didn’t sign up to be role models.”

the challenge rookie lauren coogan reality tv comments
Pic credit: @LaurenCoogan/Twitter

She continued with her thoughts about reality television, with a tweet saying reality TV stars are “just trying to figure it out.”

the challenge lauren coogan tweets about reality tv
Pic credit: @LaurenCoogan/Twitter

Lastly, Lauren finished off the series of tweets reminding people, “your comedy can be our tragedy and vice versa,” and not to believe everything they hear or see.

lauren coogan tweets dont believe what you hear
Pic credit: @LaurenCoogan/Twitter

Before going onto The Challenge, Lauren appeared on CBS’ Love Island USA, but her time there was brief, as she was in just a handful of episodes. It seems her time on MTV’s show is also brief so far, and it will be interesting to see how they explain her situation to viewers.

Speculation continues as to why she is being edited out of The Challenge. It seems like she cannot fully speak about what happened due to a nondisclosure agreement or something similar.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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