The Challenge Season 36 spoilers: Winners crowned as filming officially ends

tj lavin hosts the challenge season 36
The Challenge host TJ Lavin on Total Madness season. Pic credit: MTV

In The Challenge Season 36 spoilers, filming for the newest season of the show has officially wrapped up as of the end of October.

That means the winners have been officially decided along with runner up competitors for the next installment in MTV’s popular reality series.

For those who want to enjoy the show as presented, it’s best to stop reading now because spoilers are on the way. However, for fans who want to know who The Challenge Season 36 winners are, read on!

What is The Challenge Season 36?

MTV’s newest season of The Challenge has been filming in a new location over the past few months and is the follow-up to Total Madness.

In previous spoilers for the show, it was revealed that the show is tentatively called Double Agents. It involves male-female pairings rather than competitors going solo or on large teams. But that setup doesn’t mean alliances won’t happen.

There’s also a new twist. Total Madness had the Red Skull, which was earned through winning an elimination. The Red Skull, a sticker for a competitor’s helmet, was required to qualify for the final.

In Double Agents, there is a Gold Skull. These are similar to the Red Skull, but the winner can switch partners with someone else or partner up with a Free Agent. A Free Agent is basically a competitor without a partner due to elimination.

It was also mentioned that house voting on The Challenge Season 36 was cast anonymously rather than in a large group meeting, but the winners of the daily challenge event were able to see who voted for whom.

Who are The Challenge: Double Agents winners?

If you haven’t seen the previous spoilers, check out the Double Agents cast members to see who all competed this season.

The final came down to four male-female partnerships competing for the big money. Those were the pairings of Chris “CT” Tamburello with Amber Borzotra, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat with Kaycee Clark, Nany Gonzalez with Leroy Garrett, and Cory Wharton with Kam Williams.

During the final, Kaycee reportedly became injured, which may have cost her and Fessy, as they came in fourth place.

Leroy and Nany both continue to have their struggles winning and came in third place.

The team of Cory and Kam placed second and received some prize money, based on spoilers out there.

Taking home the Double Agents win was a veteran-rookie pairing- longtime Challenge star CT and rookie partner Amber won the big prize money. It made for CT’s fourth win on MTV’s The Challenge and is the first time a Big Brother competitor has won.

That may have stuck a fork in Johnny Bananas’ comments about Big Brother stars not being so great at The Challenge. Congrats to both of the Double Agents winners!

The Challenge Season 36 premiere date is TBA.

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