The Challenge Season 36 spoilers: Here’s what we know about filming location, show title, and format details

tj lavin on the challenge total madness
Fans of The Challenge are anxiously awaiting the return of show for Season 36. Pic credit: MTV

For those looking for The Challenge Season 36 spoilers, we’ve got more information for fans anxiously awaiting the competition series’s next installment.

We have already shared Season 36 cast spoilers for the veterans and rookies that are competing. Now we’re taking a look at other key details for the show.

That includes the name of the new season, potential location, and how the season’s format will work.

Those people who don’t want to ruin any potential surprises, stop reading now, as this post will contain key spoilers for The Challenge Season 36. Otherwise, continue forth to see what to expect.

The Challenge Season 36 show name and location

Based on sources, The Challenge Season 36 has a possible filming location in Iceland. It reportedly started filming this past September with the male and female competitors.

For those immediately thinking it must be cold there, September in Iceland is the start of their fall season, with temperatures getting around 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Even so, things may get colder at night, and we’ve seen eliminations take place then, as well as finals.

We don’t know the exact location(s) just yet, but Iceland seems like at least one, with the possibility of moving elsewhere for the final like in past Challenge seasons.

Season 36 of The Challenge is called Double Agents, which could bring some interesting twists into the game. Check out the format details below for more about that.

Keep in mind that it’s also possible that the show title could change once MTV unveils the final product.

What is the format for the new Challenge season?

Based on the Vevmo forum thread, this new season of The Challenge involves male-female pairings, at least to start things off. Apparently, eliminations will also be male-female, similar to what we saw on the Rivals III season.

We also learned that the infamous Red Skull will make a return for Season 36, aka The Challenge: Double Agents.

The Red Skull first arrived during Season 35, The Challenge: Total Madness. Host TJ Lavin informed competitors that they needed to earn a Red Skull in order to qualify to compete for the final. It was basically a sticker added to their helmet. To earn the Red Skull, they had to compete in and win an elimination.

It made for a unique twist since competitors actually needed to go into elimination to qualify for the final. Typically, competitors on The Challenge do all they can to avoid going into the eliminations. On Season 35, players were begging to go in or volunteering, so it should be interesting to see how things go with this twist on Season 36.

On Total Madness, competitors could also face elimination multiple times, regardless of how many Red Skulls they won. So we’ll have to see if that continues with The Challenge: Double Agents or if any new twists are introduced there.

The Challenge Season 36 is TBA on MTV.

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