The Challenge Season 36 release date and cast latest: When will it come out after coronavirus filming delay?

the challenge season 36 details
Competitors assemble for MTV’s The Challenge Season 35. Pic credit: MTV

After surviving or escaping Total Madness, some members of MTV’s The Challenge series may be ready for a break, but others may have some inspiration to return to capture a big win.

Viewers always want more, and MTV typically delivers two seasons per year. However, some doubt has been cast over The Challenge Season 36 release date due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That said, there’s still some early word about what’s up with the next season of MTV’s popular reality competition series, including the latest cast updates.

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Keep in mind, some spoilers from The Challenge: Total Madness may be part of this report.

Is there going to be a Season 36 of The Challenge?

It would appear that Season 36 of The Challenge will happen based on some potential competitors mentioning they received calls from the folks behind the MTV show.

Back in mid-February, three-time Challenge competitor Stephen Bear posted a video on social media informing fans he was one of the people they called to come back.

“In 10 weeks time, when I jet off, I’m going for the win,” Bear told fans back then.

However, that was just before the coronavirus pandemic started to shut things down around the globe, including the filming for The Challenge Season 36.

On March 18, former Challenge competitor Theo Campbell indicated via his Instagram Story that the show was postponed due to COVID-19. Another IG user re-posted Theo’s video with the details.

the challenge competitor theo campbell
Theo Campbell gives Season 36 postponement update to fans. Pic credit: @jaychallenge_/Instagram

Campbell, who suffered a rough eye injury while off The Challenge, seems to be another of the prospective Season 36 cast members who MTV called.

The Challenge Season 36 premiere date

Right now, we can only go off speculation based on previous seasons’ release dates and, of course, the situation involving the pandemic.

MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness officially premiered on April 1, 2020, and was running into the summer months.

Season 35 was War of the Worlds 2, which premiered on August 28, 2019, and ran until December.

As of right now, we can only guess that The Challenge Season 36 is going to come later than the end of August, and possibly not until the end of 2020 or early 2021.

With filming pushed back, it’s possible MTV could find a way to film in a bubble site location, keeping competitors safer. Could fans see a new Season 36 in November or December?

There have also been seasons of The Challenge that arrived in January or February, such as Invasion of the Champions and Vendettas. So, there’s the possibility of a release date in those months in 2021.

The Challenge Season 36 cast updates

Over the past several seasons of the show, The Challenge cast has done a great job of bringing in both longtime vets, newer fan favorites, and fresh faces. Most likely, fans will see a number of these major players in the game return for a Season 36.

As mentioned, two of the newer fan favorites were active on social media months ago. Stephen Bear and Theo Campbell both indicated they received calls months ago for Season 36 casting, so it appears they could be part of the cast if they are selected.

Hunter Barfield, who last appeared on War of Worlds, answered a fan question on a live IG story saying he would be back for the next season of the show. Will Ashley be joining him?

He also posted an update on Saturday, July 27, showing off a training session. With him were fellow competitors Wes Bergman, Britni Thornton, and Nelson Thomas. That could indicate they’ll be part of the cast as well.

hunter announces the challenge status
Hunter told fans on his social media that he’ll be back for next season of The Challenge. Pic credit:

Other newcomers have become quick favorites due to their appearances on Total Madness. They include Fessy, Swaggy C, Kaycee Clark, Jay Starrett, and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley.

The latter two were medically disqualified from continuing on Total Madness but would probably love another shot. Bayleigh Dayton might also find her way back due to the drama she had with Kaycee and Nany.

Fan-favorite veterans like Johnny Bananas, Wes Bergman, Nany Gonzales, Aneesa Ferreira, Jordan Wiseley, Tori Deal, Killer Kam, and Chris “CT” Tamburello are always popular with fans.

Turbo has become a newer fan fave and is a former winner. There’s also Leroy, still in search of that first win.

The cunning and competitive couple of Paulie and Cara Marie could always make a return.

And let’s not forget all the Brits, including Rogan, Joss, Kyle, Melissa, Jenny, and Georgia.

Show host TJ Lavin has become a common fixture with MTV’s The Challenge over the seasons, and it’d be surprising if he wasn’t at the helm again.

Which competitors won’t be on Season 36?

In an interview with EW after her elimination from Total Madness, Jenna Compono spoke about resolving things with her guy Zach at home. She said they decided to get therapy as a couple, and also are engaged. With a wedding coming in February, Jenna told EW, she and Zach won’t be on Season 36.

Total Madness competitor Melissa Reeves also had a life-changing event as she gave birth to a baby girl back on May 24. That doesn’t mean she won’t appear on a new season but could be taking time off.

However, there is at least one cast member who definitely won’t be appearing on the show in the near or distant future. That’s Dee Nguyen, who competed on three seasons of The Challenge and was a winner on War of the Worlds 2.

MTV officially cut ties with her due to controversial racial remarks she made on social media during the Black Lives Movement rallies and protests.

Dee apologized for the remarks, but is off of future seasons and barely on the current season’s episodes. Total Madness viewers probably noticed MTV’s disclaimer ahead of episodes and that Dee became limited in terms of her appearance on the show.

Otherwise, MTV fans are certainly ready for a new set of adventures, including drama, competitions, eliminations, and mayhem. Let’s hope The Challenge Season 36 release date gets here sooner rather than later!

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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Joe blow
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