The Challenge Season 36, Episode 13 spoilers: Preview clip shows off ‘night of hell’ for Double Agents

the challenge double agents host TJ Lavin in episode 13
The Challenge: Double Agents host TJ Lavin briefs competitors about Episode 13 mission. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 36 has featured various daily missions ranging from flying a drone in a cave to fighting competitors in a pool of muddy water.

Most of those took place during the daytime and merely preyed upon competitors’ fears of heights or trivia.

However, Episode 13 will bring the first mission at nighttime, called Survive the Night. Based on host TJ Lavin’s words, it will be a “night of hell” for the agents as they must endure some “torturous conditions.”

A brand new preview clip has arrived to show off the mission, including some of the things the competitors will be trying to endure and giving some comedic relief from Kyle Christie.

Double Agents Episode 13 preview clip features ‘night of hell’ tasks

At the end of Double Agents Episode 12, viewers got to see a glimpse of what was on the way for the Survive the Night mission.

It involved teammates chained close together by their arms in cells inside a dark warehouse. In addition to constantly flashing lights, there was an annoying screeching sound blaring throughout the warehouse.

“I literally feel like I’m in some kind of scary movie. It is very uncomfortable. The noises. The chains. This is gonna be a long night, and I’m preparing for anything,” Kaycee Clark says in a confessional interview.

Based on the new preview clip (below), this mission involves at least a few tasks beyond enduring the chains, noises, and flashing lights. One of those tasks will be having to eat disgusting foods.

Some of the treats the agents will be forced to eat are items labeled “Fermented Shark” and “Ram Testicles.”

Another task will be holding up what TJ refers to as a “bomb.” It’s basically a heavy medicine ball the two agents must hold up as a team until TJ tells them to put it down.

In the new preview clip, Kyle and Nany Gonzalez are working together as a team again. However, CT Tamburello observes that Kyle is just lazy because he’s making Nany do all the heavy lifting.

Also, viewers see Tula “Big T” Fazakerley getting to watch this mission from afar and not participating in it like the other agents.

That’s because she became a Rogue Agent when her newest partner, Nam Vo, had to leave the game due to injury at the end of Episode 12.

Next elimination event could determine final Skull

The next elimination event will most likely be a female elimination, based on the fact that two men’s eliminations happened in Episode 12. That could give Nany Gonzalez or Gabby Allen a chance at winning a Gold Skull.

Gabby Allen previously had the opportunity when Amber M was the house vote. Gabby was part of the Double Agents power team with Devin Walker, but she didn’t want to go into a physical elimination.

Instead, she and Devin send Amber Borzotra down there, and she won her Gold Skull.

Nany seemed like she wanted to take advantage of the Hall Brawl too, but Devin didn’t want to give her an easy way to pick up a Gold Skull. Instead, they put in Amber B, a member of the Big Brother alliance, which backfired on them.

That said, if this is the final female elimination for a Gold Skull, it could be bad news for Big T as she has yet to earn one either. TJ said she would find out her partner at the next elimination, so that may give her another chance.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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