The Challenge Season 36, Episode 12 preview clip shows competitor dealing with tough injury

leroy garrett during the challenge double agents episode 12
The Challenge’s Leroy Garrett during Double Agents Episode 12. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge: Double Episode 12 airs, viewers will see one competitor dealing with a tough injury that could cost them the game.

Last week’s episode saw a competitor make their exit due to feeling their time would be better spent elsewhere, rather than hoping to get a Gold Skull.

Based on a new teaser clip released by MTV, yet another competitor could be leaving the show due to an injury suffered this season.

Preview for Double Agents Episode 12 shows rookie’s struggle

In just the first several episodes of Double Agents, viewers saw rookie Liv Jawando and veteran Nicole Zanatta exit the game because they were hurt during the Road Kill mission.

Now it appears that rookie Nam Vo could be the next competitor who is questionable to compete if he doesn’t get a green light to go ahead despite his injury.

In the brand new Double Agents clip, rookie competitor Nam Vo is in the spotlight lying on the couch as several of his castmates sit with him. Leroy Garrett walks in to ask what’s going on.

Nam reveals it’s his back, and he’s feeling tired. In a confessional interview, he says that he feels fragile, like he might break.

While Nam says he’s torn about getting things checked out due to wanting to compete, Kam Williams, Aneesa Ferreira, and Leroy urge him to head to the hospital.

The 29-year-old Nam is on his first season of MTV’s competitive reality series after originally appearing on Ultimate Beastmaster. He showed himself to be a strong competitor, nearly winning two different daily missions during his debut season on The Challenge. Unfortunately, he and partner Lolo Jones had issues working together, which hindered them on Double Agents.

Episode 12 to feature Security Breach twist

It appears based on the clip above that Nam will at least survive whatever takes place during the Security Breach at The Crater. At the end of Episode 11, Devin Walker and Gabby Allen were the Compromised Agents, with Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley as the Double Agents power team.

It was believed CT would finally go down to try to win his Gold Skull by defeating his friend Devin. However, before CT could even volunteer to go into elimination, an alarm sounded at The Crater with “Security Breach” flashing on a nearby display board. The episode ended on a cliffhanger as host TJ Lavin suggested that nothing is what it seems.

Some of The Challenge viewers felt maybe a double elimination would be on the way due to the fact there are two Rogue Agents. As if an injury isn’t enough, Nam became a Rogue Agent last week when his partner Lolo Jones decided to leave the game. Cory Wharton was already a Rogue Agent due to losing yet another partner.

With that in mind, viewers may see a double elimination occur, but it doesn’t appear that Nam, Leroy, or Kyle will be eliminated, based on the new preview clip. Fans will certainly be watching to see what happens at The Crater and also with Nam’s back injury on Episode 12.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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