The Challenge rumors: Tori Deal reveals CT Tamburello wanted to go into Season 37 elimination

ct tamburello in the challenge spies lies and allies episode 13
CT Tamburello gives a confessional interview in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 13. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season has featured many veteran cast members able to safely stay out of elimination, while rookies have mostly gone home.

That changed with a few of the recent eliminations, including the one in Episode 13. One veteran cast member found himself a target of the Emerald team, causing him to become frustrated by his fellow vets having his back.

However, Emerald’s Tori Deal recently revealed that another veteran, CT Tamburello, was politicking about the elimination, and the footage didn’t show it in the recent episodes.

Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 14 featured tough decision

In Season 37, Episode 13, the Emerald team was again victorious in the daily challenge, giving their team members safety from elimination and the power to vote in a male competitor from the other two teams.

They had a difficult choice to make as their options were Cory Wharton, Nelson Thomas, Logan Sampedro, Kyle Christie, and CT.

Footage showed the Emerald team having a deliberation meeting outside Challenge headquarters, where they discussed the options. A few team members said they didn’t want to say CT’s name, but if he lost, they would have taken a major shot and got the multiple-time champion out.

emerald team members in the challenge season 37 episode 13
The Emerald team had a tough decision for the elimination vote in Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 13. Pic credit: MTV

During the nominations meeting, the eligible competitors made their cases as to why they shouldn’t go in. CT spoke up first, making some interesting comments.

“It’s been no secret. I’ve had a solid case of Challenge blues the last couple days. I came to the conclusion that I’m just being stupid, getting my head in the game,” CT told his castmates.

In a confessional interview, the four-time champion admitted he needed to “stop being a mope” and get his “head in the game” again.

CT’s speech may have been enough to keep him out of the elimination, or the vets realized him going in and winning would probably mean something else. They ultimately went with Cory, drawing frustration from him that they didn’t opt for the rookie on his team, Logan.

Cory would lose in a Rope Burn elimination to the rookie, ending his time on the show. However, there was more going on behind the scenes with CT, according to Tori Deal.

Tori says CT had chats with Emerald about elimination

With the latest episode of the Official Challenge Podcast, Aneesa asked Tori about Emerald’s decision to vote Cory into elimination. Tori shared some behind-the-scenes details that didn’t make it into the aired episode, saying it was very “tricky” and “difficult.”

“Cory wasn’t talking to a lot of people this game” Tori also shared about his game plan, while she said Nelson and CT spoke with castmates about it.

“On Double Agents, I isolated myself. I hung out with only you,” Tori told Aneesa, adding, “and what happened? I got my a** thrown into elimination.”

Interestingly, Tori shared that CT’s speech about “Challenge blues” at deliberation makes more sense with some context. She revealed that he had been going around trying to get sent into elimination. The reason behind it was that CT was unhappy with the Sapphire team and wanted to win to steal a spot on Emerald.

“If I was a viewer watching this, I would be like, ‘What are you talking about?’ You don’t see any of that storyline. What happened was, when Kyle switched over to Sapphire and CT realized that he lost Ed [Eason] and Nelson, CT was like, ‘Oh s**t, my team sucks,'” Tori shared.

Logan’s win actually benefitted CT, though, as the strong rookie competitor stole Kyle’s spot and joined CT on Sapphire. Aneesa said that seems to make Sapphire even stronger now. Also on the team are two-time winner Ashley Mitchell and another strong rookie, Emy Alupei.

“They are solid…I have a feeling that it’s going to get really interesting because I was there,” Tori told Aneesa regarding the Sapphire team heading forward.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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