The Challenge rumors: Several cast members tease working with WWE in the future

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Two castmates from The Challenge have teased working with WWE in the future. Pic credit: Hulu

Could some of The Challenge stars be heading in the direction of former winner Mike Mizanin? Several cast members may be teasing it based on a few recent social media posts, although one may be more legitimate than another.

Viewers have seen Mike Mizanin transform into The Miz on reality TV but then emerge into the larger-than-life character in WWE. He’s considered amongst the most successful former Challenge stars, based on his resume.

Now, a few of the more recent cast members who have never been on a season with The Miz or won a Challenge could be looking to do something similar.

The Challenge finalist teases attending WWE tryout

Tori Deal was recently revealed as part of The Challenge Season 37 cast, with the premiere episode arriving several weeks from now. In addition to being a fierce competitor on MTV’s show, she’s also hosting the Official Challenge Podcast alongside Aneesa Ferreira.

Add in bestselling author to the list of the reality TV star’s accomplishments, and she’s done quite a bit. However, could she be hinting at a WWE tryout?

Tori recently re-tweeted about the WWE’s upcoming tryouts in Las Vegas, Nevada, for their SummerSlam weekend of events. However, it’s unclear if she was serious about attending.

“FINALLY…. A place to use my signatures clam-chop,” Tori said in her retweet, possibly joking about the concept.

While she could be joking, she could also be serious about giving a career change a shot. As viewers saw, Tori did have a castmate who worked for WWE on Double Agents with Lio Rush, who recently retired from professional wrestling.

Tori is certainly an athletic individual capable of training for pro wrestling and giving the WWE a shot. She’d likely need to improve her promos a bit to mesh with what professional wrestling uses compared to what she gives in The Challenge confessionals.

Tori’s former Challenge castmate also teasing WWE call?

Interestingly, Tori isn’t the only Challenge star who has teased something with the WWE in recent days. Another two-time finalist, Paulie Calafiore, mentioned it on his Instagram story.

Paulie appeared on his brother Cody Calafiore’s Twitch stream this past week, and the two spoke about topics, including The Challenge Season 37 cast. On Paulie’s Instagram Story, he asked fans what they thought he and Cody discussed on the Twitch stream.

One fan answered, “Big Brother,” and Paulie posted a reply on his Instagram Story.

In an interesting response, Paulie said they didn’t really get to that too much. However, he said next week they will discuss how “@wwe might be calling” his name.

paulie calafiore posts on ig story about wwe call
Pic credit: @paulcalafiore_/Instagram

Paulie reached two finals in his three appearances on The Challenge. His last appearance on the show was War of the Worlds 2, where he reached the final alongside his girlfriend Cara Maria Sorbello and a team of other competitors for Team USA. However, they finished as runner-ups to the UK team.

In his time away from The Challenge, Paulie has indicated he and Cara are building businesses. In addition, he’s been training to potentially compete at the Winter Olympics scheduled for next February. He said during an #ALISTER podcast interview he’ll have some bobsledding events in the coming weeks to know if he’ll be part of the team.

Of the two Challenge stars, one would have to think Paulie might fare pretty well as a WWE star based on the personality he displayed on MTV and CBS’ reality shows.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies premieres on Wednesday, August 11th at 8/7c on MTV.

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