The Challenge rumors: Insider reveals four cast members who aren’t interested in returning to the franchise

the challenge host tj lavin appears during usa 2 final
TJ Lavin hosts various versions of The Challenge competition series. Pic credit: MTV

An insider has shared the names of several former cast members from The Challenge with no current interest in returning to the franchise.

The competition series is currently filming MTV’s Season 40, which features a star-studded cast of 40 individuals from various eras.

As that season films, The Challenge: All Stars 4 episodes arrive weekly on Paramount+, and that tends to be a shorter season.

Meanwhile, rumors about All Stars 5 recently dropped, suggesting a significant change in the cast.

With those rumors came an insider posting the names of four people from past seasons of The Challenge.

A few have also appeared on MTV’s competition series quite recently, but they have no desire to participate right now.

Insider says these four Challenge stars aren’t interested in appearing on the show

A recent tweet from the insider account @Challengeteamtv suggests several cast members declined to participate in the upcoming All Stars season, set to begin filming in May.

Not only that, but they “don’t seem interested in returning to the franchise as of now.” Those four cast members are Kina Dean, Nany Gonzalez, Kailah Casillas, and Theresa Jones.

screenshot of challengeteamtv tweet about four cast members who turned down the challenge all stars 5
A rumor about The Challenge. Pic credit: @challengeteamtv/Twitter

Of these cast members, Nany has appeared on more seasons of the show, 12. She appeared most recently on The Challenge: Ride or Dies on MTV, the network’s 38th season.

She teamed with Johnny Bananas, and the duo reached the final. However, they finished as runner-ups to winners Devin Walker and Tori Deal. Nany has yet to win a final during her career on the show.

Kailah participated in The Challenge: All Stars 3, reaching the final and finishing as runner-up to winner Jonna Mannion. She last appeared in MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness season.

Viewers saw Theresa on MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents, teamed with Jay Starrett. After getting eliminated by castmate Kaycee Clark, Theresa gave an emotional exit interview in which she seemed intent on retiring from the franchise.

Kina is among MTV OGs but hasn’t appeared on any versions of the competition series since 2006. She debuted on Road Rules: X-Treme and competed in three seasons of The Challenge.

She was among The Gauntlet 2 winners from a rookie team including Jodi Weatherton, MJ Garrett, Alton Williams, Landon Lueck, and Susie Meister.

All Stars 5 presents significant change for the cast

Based on recent rumors from a generally reliable spoilers account, All Stars 5 will shake things up as far as the All Stars concept.

For the first three seasons, viewers have seen MTV OGs from Fresh Meat, Road Rules, and Real World. Season 4 continued that format, adding its first cast member from Are You The One? Kam Williams.

However, online rumors indicate Season 5 will include cast members beyond the MTV reality television world. That could feature people from CBS shows who competed on The Challenge, such as Big Brother, Survivor, or The Amazing Race.

It could also include international stars that appeared in some form of The Challenge. That might consist of individuals who appeared on MTV’s The Challenge after being on an international reality TV show or one of The Challenge’s international spin-offs for Argentina, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

As Monsters and Critics reported, those rumors about the All Stars 5 cast received plenty of comments from upset fans and at least a few comments from All Stars cast members calling out the change.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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1 month ago

Don’t think these four not returning is a big loss. I AM po’d about the early exit on season 40 of Darrell, CT, Derrick, and Mark. Way to much politicking among the cast of losers that hide behind mob mentality rather than face an elimination themselves. Not sure if I even want to watch season 40. I was hoping for better, not same old plan from the last few seasons.