The Challenge rumors: Former finalist reveals social media posts that may have kept her off All Stars 2 cast

the challenge final reckoning cast members with tj lavin
TJ Lavin addresses cast members during The Challenge: Final Reckoning season. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge: All Stars 2 is expected to begin filming soon, a list of cast members seems to be close to finalized. Based on The Challenge spoilers, it could feature many returning OGs who have been away from the show for a while.

It won’t feature every fan’s favorites, though, and that includes a former Challenge finalist who indicates that her social media posts are why she won’t be on All Stars Season 2.

The former Real Worlder recently shared several of those posts to give fans an idea of what the casting didn’t like about her ahead of potentially bringing her out to film the season.

Former The Challenge finalist shares ‘how to not get casted’

There are plenty of different competitors on The Challenge, ranging from the ultra-athletic types to cast members mostly there to provide the drama and entertainment on the show.

Many fans feel one of those entertaining cast members when it comes to drama and commentary is Marie Roda. She’s not necessarily going to win a Challenge or conquer daily events. However, she did reach a final alongside Cara Maria Sorbello on Final Reckoning. That was the last time fans saw her on the MTV show.

Many fans speculated that she might return for The Challenge: All Stars 2, which is expected to begin filming in the coming weeks. However, Marie gave an update on TikTok on Thursday to explain to fans “how to not get casted” for a reality TV show.

“You see, in 2021, a social media background check is an integral part of the casting process, and without further ado, I will show you what not to do and how to fail a social media background check,” Marie says.

“If you have dreams of being the next reality TV star, do not have any sense of humor,” she adds.

She goes on to share several of her social media posts that she says were deemed inappropriate or offensive when it came to her being cast. One of them was an Instagram photo of herself advertising a promotional code for a product. Marie’s caption reads, “CDC said masks and bras are OPTIONAL.”

“That was a joke,” Marie says in her video, adding, “CDC won’t let me be- try to shut me down at MTV, and they succeeded.”

Another social media post that Marie shared in her video is a meme featuring actress Lindsay Lohan that says, “we all know who really brought Ebola from Africa and into the USA.”

“Controversial, but honestly, I stand by it,” Marie commented in the TikTok video.

Marie shared several other videos and even brings up her WikiFeet page, saying she didn’t even know she had that.

“However, I am also fired!” Marie comments after showing a screenshot of her WikiFeet page. She also tagged the video with many hashtags, including “mtvchallenge,” “challengemtv,” “jerseyshore,” and “bravo.”

Marie originally appeared on The Real World: St. Thomas before moving onto The Challenge. She appeared on five seasons, including Final Reckoning, where she and Cara Maria reached the final. They ended up with a fourth-place finish for the season.

Marie’s video arrives with rumors about Challenge 37 rookie

Just as Marie released her TikTok video, which possibly reveals why she isn’t part of Paramount Plus’ The Challenge All Stars 2 cast, there was also speculation that arrived online about The Challenge Season 37 on MTV.

A Challenge insider and superfan account shared the rumors that one of the rookies on Spies, Lies & Allies, the 37th season of MTV’s reality TV show, could be edited out of episodes.

The speculation arrives as MTV included that cast member in the official cast photo and an MTV News report listing the cast members. It’s still unclear what resulted in that cast member’s situation with MTV, but the new season arrives on August 11, 2021, on MTV.

With The Challenge: All Stars 2, fans will have to wait to see who makes the final cast. However, according to Marie Roda, don’t expect to see her show up on the spinoff show.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus. All Stars Season 2 is TBA for 2021.

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