The Challenge: Ride or Dies midseason trailer teases injuries, eliminations, and mystery players

chauncey palmer in the challenge 38 midseason trailer
Chauncey Palmer appears in The Challenge Season 38 midseason trailer. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge: Ride or Dies, players entered the game with teammates they shared a close bond with, whether it was a friend, relative, or lover.

However, the game changed in Episode 9, as partners were split up and new Ride or Dies teams formed via a back-and-forth draft at The Zone.

That means daily challenges will be more important to win, and eliminations at The Zone could be decided differently than previously in the season.

After the episode, MTV unveiled a Ride or Dies midseason trailer, which showed scenes on the way in the upcoming episodes.

Among the teases were several injuries, including one that appears to cost a competitor their chance at the final. There’s also a hint that two surprise players will join the game, although their role is unknown.

This report may contain spoilers for upcoming The Challenge: Ride or Dies episodes.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies midseason trailer

The Challenge Season 38 has featured a good bit of drama and surprises, and more appear to be on the way in the second half of the season.

A one-minute trailer arrived after Ride or Dies Episode 9 (below) and includes some intriguing scenes from upcoming episodes, including an opening overhead shot from The Zone, which could be a Pole Wrestle elimination.

From there, Amber Borzotra is with her boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, who is in tears, saying he doesn’t want to let his team down, but “if we go home, then I let you down.”

“Maybe I’m part of this team, but there’s a team within a team, and that hurts me,” Nelson Thomas is heard saying, possibly referring to an alliance he’s not tight with.

Several shots appear to show upcoming eliminations, including what looks like a hanging rope ladder with a player telling another, “Stay calm.” There’s also footage of teammates balancing on the edge of a tall building structure with traffic visible on the street below.

Yet another shot shows a competitor punching through a wall in The Zone as part of an elimination event.

Additional scenes preview upcoming daily events, including one with a large bus swerving to dodge a car featuring The Challenge logo on it. Another features Nany Gonzalez digging herself out from dirt to get above ground level. Yet another has competitors wading through water.

The footage features Jordan Wiseley and rookie castmate Nurys Mateo continuing to cozy up to one another in The Challenge house.

Tori Deal is also shown confronting Nurys about cuddling with her ex. In another piece of footage, Amber is telling a castmate, “I feel betrayed by you.”

Several injuries also stand out in the midseason trailer. In one scene, Olivia Kaiser is shown with blood streaming down her hand as she covers her face. Another scene shows Nany with a neckbrace on as she’s on a stretcher, presumably in an ambulance or emergency vehicle.

“You can no longer continue without a partner,” host TJ Lavin is heard saying, with another voiceover from a female saying, “What the f**k?”

Who are the Ride or Dies mystery players?

A curious shot that arrived during The Challenge Season 38 midseason trailer has TJ dropping yet another surprise on the Ride or Dies cast.

“This is a very special night,” TJ says at the 20-second mark in the trailer, with “Bring ’em out” as the host’s following words as two competitors arrive at The Zone.

Dark footage shows a back view of two players running out wearing Challenge gear, including helmets, possibly to take part in an elimination event. As of this report, there have yet to be any reveals about who these competitors could be.

Earlier in the season, TJ brought forth other powerhouse duos known as his Heavy Hitters teams. They included Johnny Bananas with Nany, Jordan with Aneesa Ferreira, and Veronica Portillo with Darrell Taylor.

The possibilities seem endless for who the surprise team could be. Could it be All Stars 2 winners Wes Bergmann and Jonna Mannion? Or will Challenge superstar Chris “CT” Tamburello make a surprise appearance this season?

Fans can see what’s in store for the rest of the Ride or Dies journey when Episode 10 arrives Wednesday, December 14, on MTV.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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