The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 16 recap: Who went home from The Zone elimination?

devin walker in the challenge ride or dies episode 16
The Challenge’s Devin Walker appears in Ride or Dies Episode 16. Pic credit: MTV

At The Challenge house, it was celebration time for Ride or Dies teammates Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira, who had just won another elimination at The Zone to remain in the game.

Seven-time champion Johnny Bananas spoke in confessional about how there are five teams left, and he hasn’t been much of a target this season because he’s hiding in the shadows.

Jordan and Aneesa had a private chat, with Aneesa saying this feels like a redemption season for her. In confessional, she said she’s done 20 years of The Challenge and wants to finally win. Jordan told her, “It can be done. It will be done.”

Rookie Olivia Kaiser said she and Horacio Gutierrez would be “unstoppable” once they get to the final. In another scene, Jordan chatted with Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat and Devin Walker about Bananas sticking around this long with nobody saying his name.

Devin said in his confessional that if he and Tori Deal gain power in the game, it will be time to take a shot at the seven-time champ. Tori set up a pampering session for him and Devin with cucumbers on the eyes.

Tori asked Devin who they should go for if they win the daily challenge, and he said Bananas and Nany Gonzalez. In confessional, Devin said he needs to implement what he’s learned on The Challenge from his failures, and castmate Wes Bergmann, among others.

Fessy and Moriah Jadea spoke about needing to win the daily. Fessy said in confessional he’s come up short in other finals and wants to win this one. Moriah also wants to win to impress her little sister back home and to help her mom out.

Competitors play Frozen Senseless for daily challenge

Ride or Dies host TJ Lavin welcomed The Challengers to the most important daily event of the season called Frozen Senseless.

The teammates raced to opposite ends of the playing field to barricades that had their names on them. They had to dig under the barricades to get by them.

From there, they would go to their respective sides of the course. One side had a box a teammate put their hands in to feel around to determine shapes on the sides of 3-D puzzle blocks. The other side had the solving station where their teammate could see the blocks.

Once they’d memorized the information, they’d have to go back to the middle of the field and get into the ice bath with their teammate to tell them the 3D symbol details so their partner could solve the puzzle.

The freezing water made it difficult for competitors to concentrate on relaying details to their teammates as they had to go back and forth several times. Several teams got frazzled in their communication except for Olivia and Horacio and Devin and Tori.

TJ blew the horn and announced that Tori and Devin got it done during this challenge. He told them they were the only team “100 percent closer to the final.” He said they could go back to the house and decide which pair to send in The Zone, with the rest facing The Draw.

Deliberation decisions begin for winners

Back at the house, Bananas had a video call with Wes and told him about his relationship with Devin and how they’re rooming together.

He told Wes he took his advice to squash the beef with Devin, but he doesn’t know his motives. In confessional, Bananas suggested the “world’s biggest scumbag,” aka Wes, would probably know what Devin’s up to. Wes said Devin is likely playing multiple sides to gain an edge.

At the deliberation, Tori and Devin said their ideal matchup for elimination would be to put Fessy and Moriah against Bananas and Nany. Devin asked Tori if they would allow Bananas to get to another final and win his eighth championship.

During interrogation, Horacio and Olivia told Devin and Tori they’d save Aneesa and Jordan at The Draw if they got the “Safe” dagger. When speaking with Jordan and Aneesa, Tori and Devin said they’d do what they could to save them.

Tori and Devin were split on who to send in. Devin wanted to put in Bananas, but Tori wanted to put in Fessy and Moriah.

During the cast’s time at the club later, Aneesa and Olivia agreed to save each other if they picked the “Safe” dagger at The Draw.

Who went home from Ride or Dies elimination at The Zone?

At The Zone, Devin and Tori ultimately chose to put in Fessy and Moriah as the strongest team around. That put the other teams into The Draw.

Bananas drew a blank dagger, and Horacio pulled the “Safe” one. He and Olivia chose to save Aneesa and Jordan, which meant Bananas and Nany went into the elimination.

They went against Fessy and Moriah in an event called Bridge It. There were two giant towers in the middle of The Zone with rope bridges attached. Those bridges were missing rungs needed to climb to the top.

The partners started at opposite sides of the tower. They had to use only three rungs they’d place to climb to the top of the tower and hit a button. The pair to get to the top of their tower first and press the button would win.

the challenge season 38 ride or dies episode 16 elimination event
Competitors battle in Bridge It elimination event in Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Bananas and Nany seemed calm at first, but then Bananas started to mess up. Fessy and Moriah struggled to put the rungs on their rope ladders. Moriah began moving up, but Fessy was still having issues. Nany was about near the top of the tower and dropped one of her rungs to the ground, so she had to start over again.

However, she showed an impressive ability to stay calm and focus on climbing to the top again. Nany pressed the button to win the event for her and Bananas. It was Fessy’s first elimination loss ever. Fessy praised Moriah for “busting her a**” all season as his Ride or Dies partner.

In confessional, Moriah said she hoped that Bananas would win the season and thanked him for being so sweet to her during the season. Fessy said he had the “most bada**” Ride or Dies teammate, and it “just wasn’t in the cards” for them to win. Moriah said Fessy’s a good guy, “take my word for it.”

Nany was ecstatic with the huge win. She and Bananas hugged at The Zone. TJ revealed that the remaining teams were going to the final. That brought plenty of cheers and hugs amongst the four teams: Nany with Bananas, Aneesa with Jordan, Tori with Devin, and Horacio with Olivia.

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