The Challenge: Real World’s Danny Roberts comments on potential All Stars appearance

danny roberts during the real world homecoming new orleans
Danny Roberts in The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans. Pic credit: Paramount+

With The Challenge: All Stars, fans of MTV’s competition series have seen many former reality television stars make their way back to TV screens, including former Real World stars Syrus Yarbrough, Beth Stolarczyk, and Jonna Mannion.

All three OGs appeared in at least two seasons of the spinoff show, with Jonna winning the past two seasons and taking home a hefty amount of prize money.

There have also been rumors that many more former MTV stars are interested in appearing on The Challenge: All Stars, and they could appear if Paramount Plus continues bringing out new seasons.

Danny Roberts, a former Real World star and winner of The Challenge, recently returned to television screens as part of Paramount Plus’ The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans, which featured him reuniting with his former castmates from their season of MTV’s show.

Following the release of all the Homecoming episodes, he appeared in a recent podcast interview where he spoke about the possibility of his return to TV to participate in All Stars.

While Roberts said he might listen if the offer was right, he didn’t necessarily seem too keen on coming back to compete in the OG spinoff show.

Danny Roberts on potential All Stars return

Danny Roberts appeared on the Mike Lewis Podcast, where he spoke about his return for The Real World Homecoming and the potential for a return to The Challenge via the All Stars spinoff.

When asked if he’d received any calls about The Challenge: All Stars, Danny indicated they’ve been reaching out to him “for years.”

However, he said it’s not something that interests him at this point regarding his life or reality television career.

“That’s not my scene. I did one of those ages ago, and I had a lot of fun,” he said, with Mike Lewis reminding him that he’d won on The Challenge season he appeared in.

“I think it is a very different show now [with] highly-different types of people. I don’t know most of those cast members. I don’t relate to it in any way at all. Not interested,” Danny said.

While that seemed to close the door on Danny showing up for a future All Stars season, he added that he might consider it based on one thing.

“However, again, for the right amount, I would talk to you,” he joked regarding potential calls for an All Stars appearance.

For more of what Danny had to say, check out his complete interview at Mike Lewis’ Podcast on YouTube.

Danny Roberts is a previous Challenge winner

Danny, 45, is among many one-and-done cast members who appeared on The Challenge before. He appeared on Battle of the Seasons 2002, where he teamed up with his Real World castmate, Kelly Limp.

They won that season along with fellow Real Worlders Coral Smith, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, Sean Duffy, and Elka Walker. The six winners each took home $50,000 for the win.

Several of Danny’s castmates that season appeared on All Stars seasons. They include Veronica Portillo, Beth Stolarczyk, and Season 1 winner Yes Duffy.

While Danny only appeared in one season, he’s also part of an exclusive one-and-done winners’ club. That club also includes Kendal Darnell, who returned for all three installments of The Challenge: All Stars.

As of this report, there has been no official report confirming a fourth season of The Challenge: All Stars or beyond, which would be unfortunate for fans who enjoy watching MTV stars return to compete again.

Based on Danny’s comments, it seems he’s not really interested in competing with other OGs from MTV’s heyday. However, should the casting calls have the right offers for him, he might be swayed to return for the spinoff.

The Challenge: All Stars and The Real World Homecoming episodes are available for streaming on Paramount Plus.

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