The Challenge: Ravyn Rochelle said she thought she’d get kicked off Season 39 for club incident

ravyn rochelle face shot from the challenge 39 confessional interview
Ravyn Rochelle said she feared she would be kicked off The Challenge after Season 39 incident. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion season will crown a new champion, but players must endure daily challenges, eliminations, and potential drama from playing the game.

Episode 8 featured a heated argument at the club due to a cast member’s frustration over being put into elimination by her castmates.

After Total Madness finalist Melissa Reeves got voted in for The Arena, she took exception to how the players on the winning team targeted her.

She later focused on castmate Ravyn Rochelle, who was part of the winning team and the vote but not necessarily the one who convinced her team to make that decision.

As viewers saw, it spilled over to a drink-throwing incident at the club, with security and castmates intervening before it got worse.

Speaking about the situation after it aired on MTV’s The Challenge, Ravyn recalled the incident and thinking they would get sent home for it.

Melissa and Ravyn were involved in a drink-throwing incident at the club

After the stress and emotional complexities of the daily challenges and voting, cast members are generally shown going to a club to unwind and have fun.

However, some cast members use that time to talk strategy or gain information about how others are playing the game.

In Episode 8, Melissa was upset over how she and her friend Big T Fazakerley were being constantly targeted for eliminations. She spoke with Berna at the club to find out whose idea it was to vote her in.

Ultimately, Melissa spoke one-on-one with Ravyn and started to get loud in frustration over Ravyn’s answers about sending her into possible elimination. As Ravyn stood up from her seat, Melissa grabbed a drink and splashed it in her face.

Ravyn reacted as she quickly grabbed her glass and threw a drink back at Melissa. Footage showed security and castmate Ed Eason getting involved to settle things down.

Things eventually calmed down, and later on, Big T became the second woman voted into The Arena for possible elimination with her friend Melissa.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies winner Kaycee Clark was the latest champion to enter The Arena and battle someone. She chose Big T randomly from The Draw and sent her home after defeating her in a Pole Wrestle event.

In her confessional interview remarks, Ravyn revealed she was upset that Melissa was returning to the house after their falling out.

Ravyn said she thought she and Melissa would be sent home

While appearing on the Mike Lewis Podcast, Ravyn recalled that surprising club incident, saying she didn’t even see it coming. In hindsight, she said she realized Melissa had it “planned” with the drink sitting on the table.

In speaking about what happened, Ravyn said she believed it was soda- possibly Coke or Pepsi in the glass, and it blinded her briefly after Melissa threw it in her face.

Ravyn said when she went to throw her drink back at Melissa, she was going to throw her glass at Melissa. She said that her glass hit Melissa’s and broke, so it could’ve become really dangerous as pieces of glass flew everywhere.

Mike asked Ravyn if there was any talk that either of them might get sent home from the show, and Ravyn explained she thought they might.

“I thought that we were gonna get removed after that night at the club. They made me drive in a separate car. How was this even fair? I was bawling my eyes out..and I was really scared that I was gonna get kicked off for sure. I for sure thought I was gonna get kicked off, but then TJ [Lavin] never came, so I was very happy about that,” she admitted.

Monsters and Critics reported online Season 39 spoilers that arrived during filming, which indicated Melissa received a fine for her role in the incident. It’s unclear if Ravyn was also fined for the incident, and she didn’t mention it during the podcast.

Ravyn said during the podcast she wasn’t upset about Melissa throwing the drink at her after it unfolded, but she felt “s***ty” that she didn’t know Big T told someone not to vote against Ravyn in a previous episode. Ravyn said that was something she hadn’t realized until watching the episode footage recently.

However, Ravyn said there were many things that Big T was doing in the house to stir up drama that made it seem she just couldn’t be trusted, so it was hard to work with her and Melissa.

Ravyn said she wished she could trust Big T and that they could’ve talked with one another more, but after Melissa threw the drink at her, she was just done with both of them and wanted them to go home.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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