The Challenge OGs spoilers: First eliminated cast member from spinoff season possibly revealed

the challenge gauntlet 2 cast members
Cast members of The Gauntlet 2, the 11th season of MTV’s The Challenge series. Pic credit: CBS All-Access

A spinoff for MTV’s The Challenge is currently filming and features some of the reality TV series’s longtime stars.

There were rumors about which cast members might appear on the show for weeks, and more recently, a rumored final cast list arrived online.

Now it appears at least one cast member has already left the show based on recent The Challenge: We Want OGs spoilers.

Filming underway for The Challenge OGs season

A few weeks ago, a forum thread revealed the cast members for the new OGs season. They included current Double Agents stars Aneesa Ferreira and Darrell Taylor, and many familiar faces from Challenge history.

Top cast members included “Challenge Godfather” Mark Long, who helped bring the show to life, and former winner Derrick Kosinski. Trishelle Cannatella, Katie Doyle, Jonna Mannion, Ace Amerson, Beth Stolarczyk, and Eric “Big Easy” Banks were amongst the other cast members.

There were rumored to be a total of 11 men and 11 women who quarantined in Texas ahead of leaving to film The Challenge: We Want OGs season. Apparently, the show is now filming in Argentina, although the specific location is unknown.

It is also unknown what the format of the OG spinoff is as far as teams or eliminations. On MTV’s series over recent seasons, competitors go into eliminations and have to leave the show if they lose. There have been some twists where cast members can return and win their spot back.

It was believed that Mark Long was trying to create a more fun throwback show with the spinoff featuring longtime Challenge stars and that there might not be eliminations. However, that has not been confirmed in any reports.

Rumors suggest cast member left We Want OGs spinoff

There are no official reports, and it’s merely speculation at this point. However, the Vevmo forum has given some spoilers about a cast member possibly having left We Want OGs.

They indicate that male competitor Ace Amerson may have left the show due to elimination or being disqualified. That could even include him leaving due to having COVID-19 or a personal reason to exit the show.

There’s no official reason given for his departure or confirmation that he actually left, though. The forum post also says it’s not an official order of when cast members went home, so Ace may not have even been the first to leave.

The post says that it’s “merely an observation based on social network activity.” However, there is nothing too recent on Ace Amerson’s official Instagram page. The 41-year-old Challenge star posted a video on January 27 (below) about one of his “favorite forgotten springs.”

The Challenge OGs Vevmo thread said cast members were traveling to Texas as of January 22 for the start of quarantine before leaving to film the spinoff. Again, none of the information on that thread is official or confirmed, though.

After originally debuting on The Real World: Paris, Ace appeared on four seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, starting with The Inferno in 2004.

He showed up for Battle of the Sexes 2 and The Gauntlet before reaching the final on The Inferno 3. So 2007 was his final appearance on The Challenge before returning for this year’s spinoff show.

In The Inferno, Ace was eliminated in Episode 2. He lasted until Episode 3 of Battle of the Sexes 2 and until the eighth episode of Gauntlet 2. Derrick Kosinski, also part of We Want OGs cast, eliminated him in that Gauntlet 2 season. Will history repeat itself?

The Challenge: We Want OGs premiere is TBA.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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