The Challenge: Nicole Zanatta comments on her potential Season 38 return

nicole zanatta in confessional for the challenge season 36
Nicole Zanatta during The Challenge: Double Agents season. Pic credit: MTV

At 31 years old, Nicole Zanatta has appeared in several of The Challenge finals but has yet to capture a season championship. Fans saw her suffer an unfortunate injury during her most recent appearance and then take a season off.

Since then, Nicole has been involved in rehabilitating her injury and also a relationship that became serious, leading to her asking for her partner’s hand in marriage.

Her partner Lauren said yes, which means there’s a lot of planning in the works for the couple. However, Nicole shared a recent Instagram post that had fans wondering if she’ll be returning to TV screens for The Challenge.

Nicole Zanatta shows off Challenge gear in Instagram share

On Monday, Nicole Zanatta shared a photo series on Instagram in which she posed in a sleeveless Challenge hoodie, an Under Armour cap, and black leggings.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy, have a great week!” she wrote to fans and followers in her caption.

Nicole is likely on cloud nine after recently proposing to her partner Lauren, who accepted her proposal. The couple had been dating for over a year and seems quite happy together.

Fans of The Challenge last saw Nicole on the Double Agents season, where she was teamed up with Devin Walker early on. She ultimately suffered a shoulder injury, resulting in her getting medically disqualified from the season.

It was the first of Nicole’s three appearances on The Challenge, where she didn’t reach the final. She previously competed on Vendettas and Invasion of the Champions but was able to win the season. Despite not winning, she’s considered a threat for any appearance she might make in the future on MTV’s show.

Nicole comments on potential return for The Challenge Season 38

While Nicole received a variety of comments praising her look, there were a few people that stopped by to ask if it meant she was coming back for The Challenge.

“Is this hinting that you are gonna be on the challenge soon?” a fan asked, with Nicole saying, “not yet,” but she likes the clothes.

nicole zanatta on challenge 38 return
Pic credit: @n_zanattamtv/Instagram

Another fan asked a similar question to Nicole, with the two-time finalist saying it wasn’t about a new season. However, she recently did a workout with former The Challenge champion Rachel Robinson.

Nicole said it’s “definitely something” fans will want to check out.

fan asks if nicole is coming back for the challenge 38
Pic credit: @n_zanattamtv/Instagram

With that, she’s referring to the upcoming Challenge-themed workout series led by Rachel Robinson as the instructor. Nicole filmed one workout with the OG competitor, as did Challenge stars Mark Long, Tori Deal, Nelson Thomas, and Corey Lay.

The workout videos arrive on The Challenge YouTube channel in April, so stay tuned for that. As far as The Challenge Season 38 goes, there have yet to be any major spoilers about the upcoming cast, so it’s always possible Nicole is keeping things secret for now.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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