The Challenge: Jakk Maddox and Corey Lay share details about Emmy Russ’ Ride or Dies exit

jakk maddox during the challenge 38 promo video
Jakk Maddox commented about Emmy Russ’ exit from The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies season has been full of surprises through its first few episodes, including cast members joining the show or abruptly leaving.

One of those surprises arrived in Episode 2, as host TJ Lavin revealed that Nam Vo had to leave the game due to his partner, rookie Emmy Russ, no longer wanting to participate.

Following the episode’s airing, Nam reacted to the situation on his Instagram, expressing how he was disappointed to leave another Challenge season, his third straight where he had unfortunate situations cost him a chance to compete.

His teammate Emmy, who said she’s considered the “queen of reality TV” in Germany, also took to social media to share her side of the story about why she chose to leave.

That included blasting her teammate for disregarding her once they joined the cast and calling the majority of The Challenge cast “so damn fake.”

A few other Challenge cast members have now given their thoughts on the situation, as Spies, Lies & Allies rookie Corey Lay and Ride or Dies rookie Jakk Maddox weighed in.

The Challenge’s Corey and Jakk comment on Emmy’s exit

Fans have seen many rookies arrive to The Challenge over the past several seasons, including Corey Lay in Season 37. Corey originally appeared on HBO’s 12 Dates of Christmas before trying his hand at MTV’s show.

He was featured alongside fellow rookie Michele Fitzgerald early, and the two were impressive in an early elimination.

Corey was also among the cast members considered for Ride or Dies. However, he didn’t make it onto the show’s cast due to his initial teammate, fellow Season 37 rookie Michaela Bradshaw, declining to do the show.

Taking to his Twitter after Ride or Dies Episode 2 and Emmy’s reaction videos, Corey tweeted his thoughts on the situation.

“Emmy was the rudest person I’ve ever met in the Challenge world. She refused to engage with anyone or even leave her hotel room. Threatened to quit the moment she got there. The problem isn’t Nam. It was her being a diva thinking she was better than everyone else,” Corey tweeted.

the challenge corey lay comments about emmy russ season 38
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

There has been some online chatter indicating Nam didn’t really know Emmy, and since he didn’t supply production with a Ride or Dies teammate, they provided Emmy as his teammate for the show’s theme.

It’s not the first time he worked with a partner who left the show, as his Double Agents teammate Lolo Jones exited The Challenge, indicating she wanted to focus on training for the Olympics. She later revealed on social media that she was forced to quit the show.

Jakk Maddox says rookie ‘broke the rules’

Corey’s tweet about Emmy brought current Challenge rookie Jakk Maddox in to share additional details about the situation. Jakk, former champ Laurel Stucky’s teammate for Ride or Dies, indicated that Emmy “broke the rules” while filming, resulting in a fine.

“She got fined for breaking the rules, was bitter she wasn’t the center of attention and left,” Jakk revealed.

jakk maddox reveals rookie was fined for the challenge
Pic credit: @jakkofheartss/Twitter

As of this report, it’s unknown which rules Emmy broke or why she got fined during her brief time filming for The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

In a follow-up tweet, Jakk said that Nam “deserved better,” with Corey replying that he has “zero respect” for her based on her costing Nam a spot on the show.

jakk and corey tweet about emmy russ
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

Emmy, 23, was a former star of many different reality TV shows, including Beauty & The Geek, with her Challenge Fandom Wiki describing her as “loud, outspoken, and exuberant.” That description is the opposite of Nam, who has generally been quiet and calm during his appearances in The Challenge.

Nam was returning for his third season of MTV’s competition series, and it was his third-straight exit due to unexpected circumstances. His first two seasons involved medical disqualifications.

His rookie season, Double Agents, saw him last the longest of any appearance, with his exit happening by Episode 12. However, Nam was out of the show within the first few episodes of the two recent seasons.

Whether or not he returns for another season of The Challenge is unknown. Based on Emmy’s comments about her experience and what other cast members have said, it seems unlikely she would return for MTV’s show.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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