The Challenge: Former Real World star says she reached out to appear in All Stars Season 2 cast

the cast of the challenge all stars season 1
The Challenge: All Stars cast appears at a site for a daily challenge in Episode 1. Pic credit: Paramount+

When it comes to putting together The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 cast, there should be more than enough individuals available to choose from.

Based on online posts and interviews, including one executive producer’s comments, over 100 individuals from MTV’s reality shows Road Rules and The Real World have expressed interest in competing in a future season.

One former Real World star recently let fans know online she has reached out to appear, and while she would love to compete in Season 2, has one possible reason that could prevent it.

All Stars features Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat stars

The original concept of MTV’s The Challenge involved a competition featuring stars from reality shows The Real World and Road Rules. In fact, the second season used the name The Real World/Road Rules Challenge for the title and had Mark Long among its cast members.

He was part of creating the All Stars spinoff series and bringing it to life on Paramount Plus. That made it only natural that the OG competitor, who began on Road Rules, was among the first season’s cast members.

The Godfather was joined by 20 other stars on the show originally from Road Rules or Real World. Castmate Eric “Big Easy” Banks is the only one who started on a Fresh Meat season of The Challenge, but that opens up many possibilities for other stars to appear.

Of the 22 total OG stars, the majority hail from MTV’s The Real World seasons. That extends back to the second season, The Real World: Los Angeles, with Beth Stolarczyk appearing on All Stars at 52 years old. Other Real Worlders on All Stars included Syrus Yarborough (Boston), Ruthie Alcaide (Hawaii), Trishelle Cannatella (Las Vegas), Aneesa Ferreira (Chicago), and KellyAnne Judd (Sydney).

It seems likely that if and when the show continues, some of their castmates or stars from other Real World seasons will be part of the competition. In fact, one of KellyAnne’s castmates has revealed they are among those who expressed interest in being on Season 2.

Former Real World, Challenge star interested in Season 2

Among KellyAnne Judd’s castmates on The Real World: Sydney were Cohutta Grindstaff, Isaac Stout, and Shauvon Torres. Just like KellyAnne, each of them has also appeared on MTV’s The Challenge during various seasons.

Shauvon recently took to Instagram to answer fan questions, and one asked if she would consider doing an All Stars edition of The Challenge. She indicated a lot of fans ask her this in messages, and the answer is she would “definitely be open” to it.

“YES! I’m definitely open to doing @challengeallstars I love the show and how they are bringing people back! I think whole concept is bad-a**! And so fun to watch! I told them I’m interested for season #2 it just depends on timing for me because I have my daughter but I think it would be so much fun!” Shauvon shared in her IG Story post.

the challenge real worlder shauvon interest in season 2 on instagram
Pic credit: @mtvshauvon/Instagram

Shauvon, 38, currently resides in Hawaii, and appeared on three seasons of MTV’s The Challenge. Her debut came on Season 17, The Duel II, in 2009. Shauvon was eliminated in Episode 2, by elimination queen Aneesa. The Real World Sydney star returned for The Ruins and Cutthroat seasons, but never reached a Challenge final.

It seems she could very well be amongst future All Stars if the timing works out, just based on her three seasons, and the fact that Season 1 cast nearly included Cohutta Grindstaff as part of the show. He was an alternate, ready to appear should one of the other 22 OGs not get selected.

In a separate part of her IG Story, she answered a question about whether or not she still talks with people from her Real World Sydney cast.

“A couple of them but really only on social media! But if we were in the same town I’d like to think we’d get together!” Shauvon shared, tagging KellyAnne, Isaac, and Cohutta in her IG Story slide.

shauvon torres discusses real world sydney castmates on ig story
Pic credit: @mtvshauvon/Instagram Story

Perhaps, there will even be an All Stars: Battle of the Seasons type series on the way? It seems The Real World Sydney might have several cast members already willing to compete on their team.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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