The Challenge alum KellyAnne Judd throws shade at Theresa Jones’ return for Double Agents

the challenge alum kellyanne judd throws shade theresa double agents
KellyAnne Judd last appeared on The Challenge: Rivals III season in 2016. Pic credit: MTV

In a recent interview, former The Challenge competitor KellyAnne Judd seemed to throw a bit of shade toward Theresa Jones ahead of the newest season.

The online interview arrived just ahead of The Challenge: Double Agents season, as fans are excited to see newcomers in the game and many longtime veterans return to compete.

Some of the vets will include Chris “CT” Tamburello, Wes Bergmann, Aneesa Ferreira, and Nany Gonzalez. However, two other longtime veterans, Darrell Taylor and Theresa Jones will return after a hiatus from The Challenge.

Based on KellyAnne Judd’s recent comments, she may not be a huge fan of Theresa appearing on the show, though.

KellyAnne Judd reacts to Theresa’s return

For viewers who have watched The Challenge for a while, KellyAnne Judd is a familiar face. She first appeared on The Real World: Sydney before starting on The Island season of The Challenge in 2008.

She’d appear on The Ruins, where she placed in the final, and competed on Battle of the Bloodlines and Rivals III, but never won a season of The Challenge. Even so, she was a strong competitor on the show.

KellyAnne appeared on a Mike Lewis Podcast episode to talk about her experiences from MTV’s Real World and The Challenge. During their talk, Mike mentioned KellyAnne possibly returning to compete on the show.

He also brought up how several competitors she’s familiar with will be part of the new season, Double Agents, including Theresa.

“I’m bringing up Darrell and Theresa both because I don’t know if you’re aware or not; they both just got confirmed that they’re gonna be returning on this upcoming season of The Challenge,” Mike said as KellyAnne seemed surprised by it.

“That’s funny. I didn’t know Theresa even…I didn’t know anyone actually knew who she was,” KellyAnne commented back.

“Wow,” Mike replied after a chuckle. He added it’d been six years since Theresa appeared on The Challenge.

“Yeah, she wasn’t really the best on the show either, right?” KellyAnne asked.

KellyAnne’s comments in the interview came right after she talked about the Fresh Meat II season where then-boyfriend Wes Bergmann cheated on her with Theresa.

According to KellyAnne, she found out about it through her friend Evelyn Smith first, not Wes. When confronted, Wes originally told KellyAnne it was “just kissing,” but she saw it was more than that when the episode aired.

Theresa returns after hiatus from The Challenge

The 35-year-old Theresa Jones is making her return after a hiatus of at least five years, with her last appearance on Battle of the Exes II, which aired in 2015. She made it to the final of that season as she was partnered with her ex-boyfriend, Wes Bergmann.

She’ll be back in the game for Double Agents, as will Wes. Based on the new season’s Super Trailer, it appears she may be shedding some tears over having to deal with him being there too.

This time around, she’ll be competing as a wife and mother giving her extra motivation in the game. She frequently posts about her family on her official Instagram page.

Plenty of fans are rooting for The Challenge star in her return too, which seems to say there are quite a few people who know of Theresa.

It should be interesting to see how she performs after a hiatus from the show and who she partners with for the latest season!

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on Wednesday, December 9 at 8/7c on MTV.

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